Calvin Kermit Coon

Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
13 June 1949 - 18 September 1968
Elyria, Ohio
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Calvin K Coon Calvin K Coon

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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31 Dec 2001

High School friends we were.
One short year wasn't enough.
I'll never forget you.

Initiated by one who remembers,

18 April 2002

My big brother you will always be, I have never forgotten you and miss our times together. You may of not wanted me to tag along with you but you let me anyway. I recall the times we used to play those games like knife and stone/paper/scissors, I seemed to loose a lot but you never made me pay too bad. You were a great role model and brother. We all miss you.

Calvin, you are still loved by so many of us today the 18th day of April 2002. Our children never had the opportunity to meet you and have you in their lives but they know you as you are still a very viable part of all of our lives and always will be. You will forever be with us I wish you could have met our family but the Lord wanted you home as you watch over us we feel your never ending Love. We Love and Miss you very much. Your niece was born the day after your birthday on June 14 1981 so we celebrate for two.

Love forever.
Marv and my family

20 June 2002

Well, Calvin, as you know my Love for you is stronger than ever and we have not given up nor forgotten you and never would we. We have been reunited with your buddies Jeff and Jim. It has brought such elation to our lives - we have received pictures and Sarah has definitely got your smile.

Forever you will live on in our hearts as our family becomes extended with those of your friends. Cheri never gave up the search for me and at times I know she felt such dispair. I know that from heaven you are looking down with your smile saying " it's about time". Forever you will live through the new friendships that we have formed and thru the laughter and love that we have for one another. I miss you but feel closer to you than ever.

Love you forever

2 Oct 2002

Calvin, you would be so proud today that we have been united with Jim L, Jeff L, Jim D, Paul J, Bob H, we have all become a family. A big extended family and it is because you were never forgotten by any of us - you weren't put into the dark recesses of our minds, you are always going to be a part of all of our everyday lives. On Sept 11 2002 you were part of a speech given in one part of the USA, and in all the other parts of the USA you were remembered as you are every day. As long as your extended family which reaches now all 4 corners of the nation is together you will forever live on and be an active part in our everyday lives. We have comfort in the belief that you made this all possible and are smiling down on us thru the holes in the floor of Heaven saying "This is good ... I'm happy". You can never imagine the joy that it has brought so many people to be together and we know that you are here enjoying it also. May the lights from you in heaven always shine on us as you have been doing as those rays are felt by all. We send you all our Love always and Forever.

Your Brother Marv,
your sister-in-law Cheri
(who made all this possible by not giving up the journey),
Sarah, Kristina, and Joseph Workman
and all of our extended family
Love forever and ever until we meet again.

08 Mar 2006

Cal, knowing you're watching over us makes things down here a heck of a lot better. I'm glad that you are watching down on us from above and no doubt you are shaking your head. We certainly are here. No doubt you would love the wall in our home dedicated to you and your buddies. What a great family we all have become - it's awesome. Funny thing is all your buddies' friends are the same ages as ours are and have become good friends, you would no doubt be proud but not half as proud as we are of you. You're alway's going to be #1. I got the best family in the world right here, thanks for watching over us.

Semper Fi
Marv and family

We would like to hear from anyone who served with Calvin.
Marvin Workman
30 May 2002

Calvin, big brother, how much do I miss you?

Words can not express what I feel. I always wondered what might of been if you came home, what nieces and nephews I will never know because you never came home. You were so cool with you own style and your motorcycle that you loved so much, you were always acting as though we got on your nerves, but yet you cared. You followed me around at a football game and told the guy I was with to get lost. That I was too young for a boyfriend. I wanted to hit you, but I also wanted to hug you, because it showed that you really cared about me. You just didn't want us to know. Last year I ran in to a bunch of your old high school buddies and when they realized I was your sister, they cried. They loved you and they still think of you and shared some pretty funny stories about you. I know you're okay and I know you're with God, and someday I will see you again. My heart still aches for you and the way you had to die for our country. Life is not fair, especially when we have to give up so many young people in the name of freedom.

My love to you, Calvin, until we meet again.

Your Loving Sister,

A Note from The Virtual Wall

At 1615H (4:15pm) on 18 Sep 1968 a patrol from India Co, 3/9th Marines, was hit with three command-detonated mines, machinegun fire, and several 60mm mortar rounds. The Marines retaliated with small arms, mortars, and artillery - but the mines had killed two Marines and two others were wounded. The dead were LCpl Calvin K. Coon and LCpl Wayne A. Hays of Cleveland, Ohio.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his family,
Marvin Workman
1972 E. Buena Vista Dive, Tempe Az 85284
31 Dec 2001

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