John Paul Falcone, Jr

Army of the United States
28 October 1939 - 11 November 1967
Hampton, New Hampshire
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Silver Star

Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, Army Commendation Medal, USMC Good Conduct Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign


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01 Jan 2007

John Paul Falcone Jr

Son of the late John P Sr. and Jean Falcone of Hampton, NH
Brother of Karen Falcone, Newton, NH and Michael Falcone, Houston,TX
Husband to the late Patricia L. Falcone of Exeter, NH
Father of Christopher P Falcone of Stratham, NH
Father of Martin M Falcone of Barrington, NH
Father of Angelia L Falcone of Lee, NH
Uncle to many nieces and nephews and a great friend to many.

I was only 4 years old when my dad left for the Vietnam war and 5 when he perished serving the country he loved in Kontum, South Vietnam. I can still remember both of these days like they were yesterday. I will never forget the plane that took him away and the soldier that came to our house to tell my mother he would not be coming back. I remember his big hands and his smile. I have always walked in his shadow. Inheriting so much of him, looks, love of football, baseball and track and not to mention many of the same mannerisms.

I was so young when he died I never really realized how much of an impact that his death had to anyone except for that of my family until one winter day a couple of years ago. I was coaching a basketball game for my youngest daughter in western New Hampshire. In the middle of the game an older gentleman came up to me and asked that I step outside to talk. It was in the middle of a game, but the gentleman was so distraught I felt I had no other choice. When we stepped aside he asked me if I knew John P. Falcone - I did of course, I told the gentleman I was his son. He cried ... I have never before this realized just how much of an impact my Dad had made to others outside of our family until this day. He was a special man, and from the stories I have heard since make me even that much more proud to be able to say I am his son.

From his son,
Christopher Paul Falcone
42 Alderwood Drive, Stratham, N H 03885

A Note from The Virtual Wall

The Battle for Dak To covered a period of 30 days, from 01 November to 01 December 1967, pitting elements of the 4th Infantry Division and 173rd Airborne Brigade against the North Vietnamese Army's 24th, 32nd, 66th, and 174th Regiments. The casualty database lists 314 hostile-fire deaths in Kontum Province during the period, with the great majority resulting from the heavy fighting around Dak To. Between 04-11 November the 3rd Bn, 8th Infantry lost 40 men at Hill 724, with 21 of those deaths resulting from the final major engagement on 11 November:
  • B Company:
    • SP4 Thomas J. Carter, Sacramento, CA
    • SP4 John J. Collins, Vandergrift, PA
    • PFC Gregory J. Dellamandola, Stockton, CA
    • PSGT Harold Dickerson, Poland, IN
    • PFC Jesse Johnson, Benton, LA
    • SP4 Vernon J. Johnson, Del City, OK
    • PFC James H. Mc Crae, Miami, FL
    • PFC Weldon J. Miles, Cinnaminson, NJ
    • PFC William G. Muir, Eugene, OR
    • SSG Jimmie D. Rogers, Mesquite, TX
    • SP4 Gerald K. Taylor, Cocoa, FL
    • SP4 Jerome Thompson, Washington, DC
    • PFC Nathaniel A. Thompson, Tulsa, OK
    • SP4 Edward Urbaniak, Chicago, IL
    • 1LT Larry Wade, Pottstown, PA
    • PFC Bruce A. Wagner, Lansing, MI
    • PFC Charles J. Williams, Oakland, CA

  • C Company:
    • SP4 Calvin C. Hudson, Abbeville, GA

  • E Company:
  • HQ Company:
    • CPT John P. Falcone, Hampton, NH (Silver Star)

Prior to completing college and receiving his commission in the Army, Captain Falcone served in the Marine Corps and was awarded the Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal upon completion of that service.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his son,
Christopher Paul Falcone
42 Alderwood Drive, Stratham, N H 03885

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
Ken Davis, Commander, United States Navy (Ret)
Memorial first published on 01 Jan 2007
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