James Douglas Fazzino

Army of the United States
01 July 1947 - 11 June 1968
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Panel 58W Line 024

Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
James D Fazzino

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12 Nov 2001

"To live in the hearts we leave behind,
is never to have died."
(Thomas Campbell, circa 1888)

A memorial from his sister,
Antoinette Fazzino-Amos
30 Sep 2003

Antoinette, I was with your brother on patrol when he was killed. We were on road patrol from our base camp. There is not much I can tell you other than he was a good man and you should be proud of him as all that served with him were. I stay in contact with about 8 to 12 of us who knew him well. If you want their e-mail addresses contact me via e-mail. Sorry it took so long to see this but I'm just starting using e-mail and just discovered how to answer this and other Big Red One sites. You should also be hearing from Dan McFee who was also with us in Bravo Co 2/16th, Oscar Platoon. My e-mail address is rhahn@seistl.com. I hope this doesn't open old wounds but I just thought it would make you feel good to know someone remembers your brother as you do.

Raymond Hahn

09 Oct 2003

Dear Antoinette,

I had e-mailed you a letter, but find that your address is no longer a valid one, so I am posting it here in the hope that you will return some day to Doug's memorial and see this.

I quite by accident came into contact with a friend from my unit in Vietnam the other day, and he led me to some of these 1st Infantry Division web sites. As I was exploring some of the sites I came upon the Virtual Wall Memorial. To my unbelievable surprise I saw your memorial to Doug, you may have called him Jim, but we called him Doug. My friend's name is Ray Hahn. Ray, Doug, and I were all in the same patrol the day Doug died. We were both with Doug that day, and took care of him as best we could. Ray and I came to Bravo 2nd/16th in Mar 68, I can't remember exactly when Doug came, but we were all friends, and were in the same mortar squad together. Everyone liked Doug, and we all had some great laughs together.

It's been 35 years now, and I still remember that day, and Doug like it was yesterday. I cannot tell you how sorry I am for your loss, but I hope there will be some comfort in my letter, letting you know there is someone else that was there, and remembers Doug. I sincerely hope that this letter doesn't upset you or impose on your privacy, it was not my intention. I saw Doug's picture, and felt I just had to write.

Please accept my sincere condolences after all these years, and from many Americans, and especially soldiers, who understand Doug's sacrifice, and your loss.

God Bless

From a fellow soldier and friend,
Daniel J McFee

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his sister,
Antoinette Fazzino-Amos
12 Nov 2001

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