James Charles Fekete

Sergeant First Class
Army of the United States
30 October 1936 - 15 June 1967
Huron, Ohio
Panel 21E Line 104

Silver Star (2 awards)

Combat Infantry

Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Air Medal, Good Conduct, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

Master Parachutist
James C. Fekete

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28 Aug 2004

James Charles Fekete was 30 years old when he was killed in action in Vietnam. Officers from the Military Science Department of the University of Chattanooga presented his family with posthumous awards of the Silver Star and the Bronze Star medals.

Jim, a Green Beret, was killed on June 15, 1967 when he charged an enemy machine gun nest. He was a sergeant in the U. S. Army at the time and his company was moving along a heavily wooded area when it received a sudden outburst of Viet Cong machine gun fire from concealed, fortified positions. Sergeant Fekete spotted two machine guns in key positions enabling the Viet Cong to pin down his men. He took three men and worked their way toward the hostile emplacement. When he was close enough, he jumped up, heedless of his own safety in the face of the intense fire, and charged, firing his rifle. He was mortally wounded in this valiant attempt with multiple fragmentation wounds.

The Bronze Star citation noted Sgt. Fekete's "energetic application of his extensive knowledge" materially contributed to the United States mission to the Republic of Vietnam."

I am a woman veteran from WWII and I truly want to recognize all the men I knew who served so valiantly. I knew Jim Fekete when he attended Huron High School in Huron, Ohio. There is none of the family left to send this for him so I want to do it.

Audrey Mackiewicz

28 Aug 2004

SFC James C. Fekete (top left) in Vietnam.

Photo provided by his son,
James Fekete

2 Sep 2004

This has helped a grandson find his grandfather. Also, I had this grandfather's obituary and was able to send it to the grandson. I know how much genealogy means to a descendant!

From a neighbor of James Charles Fekete's father.
E-Mail will be forwarded by the

16 Mar 2005

This is James Fekete's granddaughter.

I would love to send my love and thanks to a great man I never got to meet. He was very much for our country and I could never thank him enough.

Brandy Fekete Johnson

A Note from The Virtual Wall

Two men from B Company, 5th SF Grp, died on 15 June 1967 while serving with the 2nd Mobile Strike Force Command at the Special Forces camp near Dak To, Kontum Province. Both received posthumous decorations for their actions in combat:
  • SFC James C. Fekete, Huron, OH (SS (2 awards), BSM)
  • SSG Hubert C. Van Poll, Cottage Grove, OR (DSC)

James Charles Fekete,
Sergeant First Class, United States Army,
was buried on 01 July 1967 in Site 91, Section BB,
Chattanooga National Cemetery,
Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Hubert C. Van Poll,
Staff Sergeant, United States Army,
was buried on 13 July 1967 in Site 3445, Section S,
Willamette National Cemetery,
Portland, Oregon.

Both men rest with other men of courage and integrity.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his son,
James C. Fekete
28 Aug 2004

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