Ramon Garza
United States Navy
Mission, Texas
August 31, 1946 to July 29, 1967
RAMON GARZA is on the Wall at Panel 24E, Line 24

Ramon Garza
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26 Mar 2008

Ramon was an only remaining son and his mother's pride and joy. At the time of his death, he was my boyfriend and he was so loved. He had a way of making people laugh and forget their troubles.

Our first Christmas together he gave me a locket and a pair of house slippers and that was sweet but Ramon being Ramon, he never even noticed that both slippers were right foot.

Ramon was happy and funny and silly and full of life. He will always be that to me; he will never grow old and never grow up; he will never know the love of a wife and the joy of childern and grandchildren but he will always be loved and missed.

He bought me a rose corsage for the Homecoming Dance; we had burgers and fries after that. I am honored that I was the one who was the recipiant of his first kiss.

He gave his life for this great Nation and I know that he died a hero; someone like Ramon Garza should never be forgotten. I will love you always, Ramon, and I will see you again someday.

From a friend,
Alma Morales
201 S Taylor Road,
Mc Allen, Texas 78501


A Note from The Virtual Wall

USS FORRESTAL arrived on Yankee Station in the Gulf of Tonkin on 25 July 1967 and immediately began combat operations. The first four days were routine; the fifth day, 29 July, was not.

At 10:52 AM a 5-inch Zuni rocket accidentally fired across the crowded flight deck, impacting an armed A-4 Skyhawk. The resulting explosions and fires raged for 13 hours and more, killing 135 crewmen with hundreds more injured.

He was survived by his mother, Luisa G. Garza, Bellaire, Texas and he is buried in San Jose Catholic Cemetery, Mission, Texas.

More information and a list of the dead are on The Virtual Wall's USS FORRESTAL Memorial

Ramon Garza

Ramon Garza

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