Gary Bruce Glassford

Specialist Five
Army of the United States
25 June 1949 - 11 September 1970
Flora, IL
Panel 07W Line 055

Army Engineers

Bronze Star, Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Gary B Glassford

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31 Dec 2002


The Sands of Time flow gently on
As we walk this road called 'Life',
And I see the passing miles revealed...
God's plan for you and me. the years have come and gone
And I ask, 'What have I learned...?'
But then, from somewhere deep within,
One thought comes to my mind.
Only Truth and Love can ever hope
To pass God's 'Test of Time'.

In memory of our son, Sp.5 Gary B. Glassford,
who gave his life on September 11, 1970.

by Pete Glassford

Forever remembered and deeply loved by his Dad, Fred (Pete) Glassford; Mother, Ruby; Brothers, Steven and Kevin; and Sisters Pam Smith and Major Kimberly S. Glassford, U.S. Army; and by all his family.

This photograph appeared in
Newsweek Magazine
("Vietnam, The War That Won't Go Away", (April 15, 1985).
Gary's name, with 668 others, is on Panel 07 West.

02 Jan 2002

Unfortunately, I never had the priviledge of meeting you. I'm honored, however, to claim you as my brother-in-law and brother in arms. I've loved Pam, your sister, and your family for 32 years. We think of you often, Gary. We will always miss you. Thank you for your selflessness.

Until we meet...

Your admiring brother-in-law,

06 Jan 2003


I remember us growing up together as small children. Being the same age
we went through high school together and graduated together. We won the Clay County Baby Contest together. It was always fun when our parents let me spend the night at your house in the country
and riding the school bus home with you and Pam.

You were quiet,
and I remember you would save your money
when the other cousins and I would spend ours on candy. I am grateful that we come from such a close knit loving family. Many families don't experience that type of love and closeness. You were such a good person
I looked up to you
because you seemed to know what you wanted out of life. I still look up to you
you are an Angel sitting in God's hands.

Seeing your picture in the Virtual Wall brought back a flood of memories and tears
and it seems like yesterday since we lost you to Viet Nam. I remember your dad
Uncle Pete
getting mugged after he and your mom
Aunt Ruby
had taken you to the bus depot to report for duty
and they stole his watch.

You were only 21
and had just begun to live
when your life was taken. I pray that the millions of people visiting the Virtual Wall will put the photos with the names of all the courageous men like you
and women
who lost their lives in Viet Nam
as well as our Veterans
and focus on the reality of this tragic event in our nation's history. Viet Nam can never be forgotten!!!

Your life on earth is over
however you live on in our hearts and minds
and will forever do so. I too, honor you.

Your Loving Cousin

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The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his brother-in-law,
Kenneth H. Smith 
31 Dec 2002

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