James Burl Hansard

Army of the United States
04 August 1941 - 23 October 1968
Plainview, Texas
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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12 Nov 2001

Butch --
You are forever 27 and forever my hero and forever my brother.
I still miss you every day.
The intense hurt finally eases, but the loss never does.

Ken Gordon

14 Jul 2006

Just a note about Jim's death. He was in a helicopter as a non-crew passenger when he was hit by small-arms fire. The aircraft did not crash and no one else was injured. While I grieve for Jim, I am thankful no one else was a casualty.

From his brother-in-law,
Ken Gordon
Lt Col, USAFR (Ret)

22 Feb 2006

I would just like to give thanks
to the man who created the
Bengal Raiders.
Thank You, Sir

Cadet Julian J. Cheramie
Army ROTC Unit,
Louisiana State University

06 Jul 2007

I didn't know him well at all but his 'aura' as my classroom instructor in ROTC in 1966-67 was enough to let you know that he was what you wished you could be and should be as an a young American defending his country and doing his duty. I found out in 1968 that he had been killed in Viet Nam. I searched and found his name on the 'traveling' wall many years later. I wept and I thanked him for his sacrifice. Godspeed, Captain Hansard.

From a former student, LSU ROTC 1966-67,
William "Butch" Cantey

22 Oct 2007

39 years ago tomorrow, you gave the ultimate sacrifice for God and Country. Until my last breath, I will be indebted to you and the countless others who didn't come back and also to ones who did come back from fighting for OUR freedom in named and unnamed places. Thank you, Sir!

From a 1967 LSU ROTC student,
William "Butch" Cantey

A Note from The Virtual Wall

According to LSU's Military Science Department, "The Bayou Bengal Raiders are LSU Army cadets who go the extra mile to prepare themselves tactically for a career as a combat arms officer.".

After completing a tour of duty in Vietnam with the 1st Cavalry Division, Captain Hansard was assigned to Army ROTC instructor duty at LSU, where he held the collateral duty of advisor to the Bengal Raiders. He returned to Vietnam in August 1968, assigned to Headquarters, 3rd Brigade, 25th Infantry Division.

Captain Hansard is coded as killed in a helicopter crash, but there were no fatal helicopter crashes on 23 October 1968. One fatality did occur in an OH-6 observation helicopter, but neither the helo unit, location, nor the person killed is known. It seems likely, though, that Captain Hansard was involved in the OH-6 incident, and it is probable that he was hit and killed by ground fire which did not cause the helicopter to go down.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his brother (in law),
Ken Gordon, Lt. Col., USAFR (Ret)

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
Ken Davis, Commander, United States Navy (Ret)
Memorial first published on 12 Nov 2001
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