Joseph Arnold Hill

Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
22 December 1947 - 28 May 1968
Taylorville, Illinois
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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04 Mar 2006

During the Rolling Thunder event held in Washington, D.C. many years ago we were given the opportunity to reach into a barrel and select a POW-MIA bracelet. For some reason I picked one with the same last name as mine ... HILL.

I have proudly displayed that bracelet ever since as a tribute to you for the sacrifice you gave. Although we never met and you died prior to me joining the U. S. Marine Corps, I feel a special bond. I visited the Memorial often while stationed at the Pentagon and continue to make an annual trip on Memorial Weekend where I make a rubbing of your name.

Rest in Peace and Semper Fi..
Master Sergeant Stephen G. Hill
United States Marine Corps (Retired)

A Note from The Virtual Wall

Patrol Team "Panama Hat" was inserted by CH-46 at YC988437 in Quang Nam Province at 0730 on 26 May 1968. The team, consisting of eight men led by Sergeant Joseph J. Jones, was to conduct roving observation and surveillance. The post-patrol report contains the following description of what happened:
"281215H [12:15 PM, 28 May] YC988430: The team was moving west on a ridgeline when they received approx 30 grenades and heavy small arms fire from an unknown number of VC on the top of a cliff above them. The initial action resulted in 1 USMC KIA, 3 USMC WIA, 3 USMC MIA, and 1 USN MIA. The 4 MIA had either jumped or been blown over a cliff, and their casualty status was initially unknown. At 281730H the 3 USMC WIA whose posit was known were extracted. This included the patrol leader. The KIA was not extracted due to inaccessibility and the tactical situation. On the following day, 291425H, the 4 MIA were located by the patrol leader and 1 other USMC enlisted, who were lowered into the area by hoist. The 4 MIA were discovered to be WIA med-evacs. The 2 man team then attempted to recover the body of the USMC KIA, but the mission was aborted when the CH-46B received heavy automatic weapons fire. A 20 man reaction force inserted on 30 May was unable to locate the USMC KIA, even though led by the patrol leader. Final results of this action were 1 USMC KIA, 5 USMC WIA, and 1 USN WIA."
Sergeant Jones was killed in action a month afterwards, on 03 July 1968. The other six members of "Panama Hat" survived their tours in Vietnam.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
a fellow Marine,
MSgt Stephen G. Hill, USMC (Ret)
04 Mar 2006

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