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Lynn Ragle Huddleston

Army Of The United States
21 December 1941 - 24 January 1974
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Lynn R Huddleston

Army Aviator

Purple Heart, Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, and Vietnam Campaign medals

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Lynn was born on December 21, 1941 in La Mesa, Texas. However, he called Ralls, Texas, his home.

Lynn was a First Lieutenant (O-2) in the United States Army with the 74th Aviation Company "Aloft", a recon aircraft company from the 145th Aviation Battalion.

On September 26, 1967 Lynn was piloting an O-1D aircraft on a visual reconnaissance mission north of Minh Thanh, Binh Long Province, 4 miles from the Cambodian border. He carried one passenger: SSG Stephen J. Geist from Detachment A-332, 5th Special Forces Group was aboard as an observer.

The plane took off at 0910 hours. At 0930 hours a radio call from Lynn was received by Detachment A-332. No coordinates were given. Another call was monitored by Hon Quan Radar at 1030 hours. This time Lynn gave their position as the vicinity of grid coordinates XT633739, or a few miles from the Cambodian border just north of Minh Thanh. This was the last radio communication with the men on board the O-1D. The plane never reached its destination. Search and rescue was initiated at 1310 hours but was terminated 3 days later without any sightings of either the aircraft or its crew. There has been no word of the two since.

There have been 2 additions to Lynn's file. On such addition mentions remains recovered from Cambodia in 1988. These remains belonged to neither Lynn nor SSG Geist. Another addition mentions a villager having seen an O-1D going down in that area on that day. When the villagers arrived at the crash site, one man was dead and the one with a gun was executed. This shows that the search for these 2 brave men may be expanded into Cambodia.

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