Randall David Jarrell

Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
20 February 1947 - 10 December 1966
Odessa, Texas
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Randall D Jarrell

Purple Heart (3 awards), National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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09 Jan 2003

I knew Randy from hanging around town. He went into the Marines right out of high school. He was from the oilfield town of Odessa, Texas. Like many others around Odessa during that time period, the service was better than the oil fields. From August 1966 until December 1966, Odessa lost five in Vietnam, all Marines. Randy was one of six in his class at Permian High School, Class of 65 Odessa, Texas to have perished in Vietnam. The others were Bobby Eaton, USMC; Marvin Rex Young, U.S. Army, Medal of Honor Recipient; John Neary, US Air Force; Dale W. Farris, U.S. Air Force; and Michael Gladden, U.S. Army Airborne.

I am 56, the same age that Randy would have been. Randy never had a chance to have a full life, a home and a career. He was struck down in the prime of his youth.

16 Jun 2005

Randall David Jarrell was a first cousin to Kenith Lewis Jarrell. Both were from Odessa, Texas; both were Marines; and both died in Vietnam when they were 19 years old. Their fathers are brothers and presently live near each other in Lafayette, Alabama.

Both men are remembered on the Permian Basin Vietnam Veterans' Memorial.

From a PBVVM representative,
Billy M. Brown
4015 Melody Lane, Odessa, Texas 79762

14 Jun 2004

I was a year behind Randy at Permian High School. I was new that year and incredibly shy. He flirted with me a couple of times and I found him staring at me several times, but I was so shy, I fled the scene every time. When I saw the newspaper article about his death in 1966, I was ashamed of myself for not having been friendlier to him. I wish I'd known him; it makes me sad that he was deprived of his life at so young an age. But I'm proud that at least I knew who he was.

From a schoolmate,
Donna Mitchum

A Note from The Virtual Wall

Lance Corporal Randall Jarrell earned three Purple Hearts: the first on July 31, 1966; the second in September 1966; and the last when he was killed in December 1966.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
a friend and home-town acquaintance,
Billy M. Brown
4015 Melody Lane, Odessa, Texas 79762
8 Jan 2004

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