John Lewis Kotora

Army of the United States
17 December 1948 - 03 May 1970
Vermilion, OH
Panel 11W Line 092


Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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05 April 2001

John Kotora John Kotora and I served together in Company C 1/22 Infantry, 4th Infantry division.

When John was shot, he had to walk a fairly long distance to reach the LZ where he was dusted off. He made that walk with very little difficulty and I spoke to him just before the helicopter arrived. He seemed strong and alert. I had no doubt that John was going to be okay. He was a strong guy and had a real positive attitude and looked like he would be alright. Later, I found out he did not survive.

I give thanks for the short time we shared together. I remember you as the good soldier and great person that you were. I remember your sense of humor and your laugh and smile. I won't forget you.

A memorial from his friend and fellow soldier,
Robert Wren

The 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry, was the one of the longest-serving unit ground units in Vietnam, operating in-country from 1966 until withdrawal in 1972.

Visit the 22nd Infantry Regiment .

27 June 2001

I would like you and your family and friends to know
that I will always remember you.

I was a nurse at 3rd Field Hospital, Saigon, who helped take care of you for about three months, as I remember. You were seriously ill and we hoped you could get back home to be with your family but we learned you died after you were evaced to Japan. I did not know you before your injuries but recently saw a picture of you on the 22nd Infantry Regiment website. It was great to see you as you were then.

We all were young then. We did the best we could but so many died. I am sorry for your family and friends. I feel someone always needs to remember the names on the Wall and I know that will happen.

You and the others are not forgotten.

Another who remembers,
Mary A. Tindall
Army Nurse Corps,
3rd Field Hospital,
Saigon, RVN
Army Nurse Corps
24 Nov 2003

John's friends and comrades remember.
For more information, go to his
memorial page
on the
1-22 Infantry site

From a comrade in arms,
George Heidt
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The point-of-contact for this memorial is
a friend and fellow soldier,
Robert Wren 
5 Apr 2001

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