Charles Wesley Lantz

Master Sergeant
Army of the United States
18 March 1935 - 17 March 1967
Bayard, West Virginia
Panel 16E Line 102


Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, Army Good Conduct, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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10 Apr 2003


by Robert Sage
13 Jul 2007

Sgt. Lantz was a very polished and professional soldier's soldier who had the respect and admiration of ALL of his men. I served with him in Vietnam although I was not in his squad. He was with my friend Jim Law when he, and Jim and Paul Hunter were all ambushed in a convoy bringing mail and other supplies out to us in the field.

I am glad to see him memorialized here on The Virtual Wall. These men were the best of the best as soldiers in a time long ago but not forgotten by old veterans like me.

Loyd W. Gerardot

03 Dec 2007

After all these years, Sergeant Lantz, I was contacted this month by your daughter Lois, and your son Charles. I think you would be proud to know that. They were glad to speak with someone who served with you and knew you around the time of your passing.

I felt so inadequate in answering their questions but did the best I could to tell them all I could remember of you. What a respected and well loved leader you were for A Company. What a soldier's soldier you were. It's still hard to talk about that day with you and Jim Law and Paul Hunter. It seems so long ago and yet it could have been yesterday. I hope my e-mails gave them some comfort and answers to their questions. They told me they have seen "The Wall" and searched for your name and Jim Law's and Paul Hunter's.

I am proud to have known you and served with you. May you always rest in peace in God's care. Your family still misses you.

Loyd Gerardot
Denver, Colorado
Sgt. E-5
A Co, 15th Combat Engineer Bn
9th Infantry Div. Vietnam 1967-68

12 Nov 2007

Dad, I miss you every day, as does Charles Jr. Mom Never stopped loving you and missed you til the day she died in 1995.

I'll never forget the last letter we received from you telling us that you had been in some heavy action, we never knew where, but that you and some of the guys had a small celebration for the birthday you didn't get to see and that if something should happen to you, you could go happy, defending the U.S.

You never got to meet your grandchildren or your son-in-law or daughter-in-law. I named my oldest son Wesley after you, he's even left handed as you were, and my youngest son after your grandfather, David. You also have 2 beautiful granddaughters, Ashley and Amanda.

We've kept you alive by telling them stories of you and through pictures. We all miss you. I even miss the push-ups you made me do when I messed up. Drill Sergeant through and through.

Tony LaRocca contacted Charles and I. It was wonderful to make contact with someone who served with you. He still thinks of you a lot and on Saint Patrick's day in particular.

We are so proud of you, and your service for your country.

Your loving daughter.

13 Nov 2007


Today was Veterans' Day and I sat down to think of what I would like people to know about my dad. Here it is.

My father was a terrific man. He was kind, caring and enjoyed fishing, hunting, football, basketball, golf. He just enjoyed life. He always loved the United States. On one of his last days, he wrote home that they were anticipating some heavy action and that they had been seeing heavy fire, but that he wanted us to know that if something happened to him he would be able to die happy DEFENDING THE US -

This comment has stayed with me over the years and has helped me to realize how extremely fortunate we are to be citizens of this great country. I know that my father would have preferred to stay home and be with my mother, brother and myself and live to enjoy his grandchildren, but he believed in the United States and wanted and was willing to go into battle to do his part to see that nothing at that time would threaten the freedom and liberty that we all possess.

All I can say is that I'm very thankful for heroes like him, and I sincerely hope that this country always has men and women like him available to pay the ultimate price for freedom. God bless my dad and all the other sons and daughters who went and will continue to go to war so that freedom in this world can continue.

From his daughter,
Lois Lantz Lambert

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A Company, 15th Engineers, lost three men on 17 March 1967 when their truck hit a mine:

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