Herbert Lapp
Staff Sergeant
Army of the United States
Hebron, North Dakota
February 01, 1923 to July 03, 1966
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Herbert Lapp
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18 Mar 2001

SSG Lapp was the senior Squad Leader (Weapons), 3d Platoon. We were fellow Squad Leaders and always soldiered in harmony together. SSG Lapp gave it all, on that fateful day of 3 July 1966, in the Ia Drang Valley (Pleiku Province).

SGT Lapp will always be remembered and is sadly missed by me.

From his fellow soldier and squad leader,
Alonzo Jones
467 Oak Hill Lane, Huntsville, Tn 37756

22 Nov 2004

M.Sgt. Lapp VN Fatality - A telephone call from Mrs. Herbert Lapp, in Hackett CA, has brought news to Tacoma friends of the death of her husband, M.Sgt. Herbert Lapp, in a Viet Nam hospital on 3 Jul (1966).

Residents of the Lakeside Terrace Trailer Court at Spanaway Lake for two years, the family was feted by friends at a party there at Thanksgiving when the master sergeant was transferred by the Army to Hawaii. After a short stay there, he was sent to Viet Nam and the family went to her home in Hackett.

It was understood from the incomplete information that Sgt. Lapp died of infection resulting from combat wounds suffered some weeks ago (3 Jul 1966).

In addition to his wife, the sergeant is survived by two step-children, Mark Herbrand, a former student at Bethel Junior High School, and the former Miss Diane Herbrand, now married in California, who was a student at Bethel High School. They are the son and daughter of Nicholas Herbrand of Tacoma and formerly lived in Tacoma as small children.

Tacoma News Tribune, Tacoma WA, 13 Jul 1966, page 1
[See Note below]

Courtesy of
Darilee Bednar

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A Note from The Virtual Wall

Staff Sergeant Lapp was a veteran of World War II. His younger brother, Marine Sergeant Edwin Lapp, was killed in action in Korea on 26 Sep 1950 while serving with the Weapons Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines.

Contrary to the newspaper article cited above, Staff Sergeant Lapp did not die from infected wounds - he was killed in action while leading his men in the Ia Drang Valley. 1st Battalion, 35th Infantry, lost 20 men there on 03 Jul 1966, and two more later died of wounds received.

Staff Sergeant Lapp is remembered by his fellow soldiers of the

35th Infantry - the Cacti Regiment

Photo courtesy of the 35th Infantry Assn

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