John Joseph Levulis

Specialist Four
Army of the United States
01 February 1949 - 21 February 1971
Blasdell, NY
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Combat Medic

DFC, Purple Heart (2), Air Medal (15), Army Commendation, National Defense, Vietnam Service, RVN Honor Medal (2d Class), RVN Campaign Medal
John J. Levulis

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09 Dec 2003

John, nicknamed Butch, was a gentle warrior. When he was drafted in 1969, he did not want to carry a weapon, so after basic combat training he received medic training. He eventually flew as a medical aid man on Dustoff missions, mostly in the Central Highlands. Standing over six feet tall, he was called "Doc Shorty".

One company mate remembers him as a good-looking kid with a quick, great smile. Others remember his good humor; cheerful, positive attitude; and love of music.

One chief warrant officer who flew with Butch characterized Dustoff this way:

"We took great pride in our commitment to our task. The 'morality' of the war itself meant nothing to us. We flew to reduce the suffering and made no distinction between American, Vietnamese, military, civilian, or political view. We flew an ambulance and did our best."
Another pilot described Butch:
"He had no fear, and loved his work passionately. I saw him revive soldiers who had died on board the ship by giving them mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and cardiac massage. He never gave up on a patient, no matter how hopeless it looked. He never complained of any mission, no matter how much enemy fire or bad weather we encountered and was willing to fly anywhere a soldier was in serious trouble."
Because of Butch and the other Dustoff crewmen, there are thousands of Vietnam veterans and Vietnamese who bear living witness to their dedication and heroism.

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From a cousin,
Mary A Read

04 Jan 2004

I have looked at this site and read your letters many times through the years. I still miss you. See you again someday.

From a friend.
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Notes from The Virtual Wall

In February 1971, US and South Vietnamese forces were heavily engaged in the Tchepone area of Laos in an effort to disrupt enemy use of the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Air support for these forces flew from a number of base camps along the Lao/SVN border. On 20 Feb 71 DUSTOFF 30, a UH-1H (tail number 69-15273) of the 498th Medical Company, was on standby at Khe Sanh. The crew consisted of
  • WO John V. Rauen, Seattle, WA, pilot
  • WO John M. Souther, Los Angeles, CA, copilot
  • SP4 Dennis E. Gilliland, Globe, AZ, crew chief
  • SP4 John J. Levulis, Blasdell, NY, medic
At about 2150 DUSTOFF 30 was alerted for an extended medevac mission. The aircraft commander elected to refuel his aircraft before departure and was cleared to fly from the 498th Med hardstand to the refueling point. The short flight and the refueling were accomplished without incident. Upon completion, Khe Sanh tower cleared DUSTOFF 30 for takeoff. DUSTOFF 30 lifted off heading north and climbed to about 60 to 80 feet before banking to a southeasterly heading. As it reached the approach end of Runway 09 it entered a heavy bank of ground fog. Witnesses stated that DUSTOFF 30 then made a hard descending left turn to clear the fog, but impacted the ground. The aircraft continued in motion for several hundred feet, breaking into two main pieces. Warrant Officer Rauen and SP4 Gilliland died in the crash. The other two men survived the crash itself but died of injuries received, SP4 Levulis on 21 Feb 71 and Warrant Officer Souther on 26 Feb 71.

During his service SP4 Levulis earned the Distinguished Flying Cross, two Purple Hearts, 15 Air Medals, and the Army Commendation Medal. He was awarded the Army Honor Medal (2d Class) by the Republic of Vietnam.

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