Francis Marion Logan, III

Staff Sergeant
Army of the United States
02 July 1944 - 04 November 1969
Corpus Christi, Texas
Panel 16W Line 030

Silver Star

Purple Heart, Army Good Conduct, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

Army Parachutist
Francis M Logan

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10 Feb 2001

Greater love hath no man,
than he who lays down his life for a friend.

My brother was not a particularly saintly man, but in his death he rose to the heights of true heroism.

His friend lived. He did not.

SSG Francis Marion Logan, III, was decorated with the Silver Star as a consequence of his actions against the North Vietnamese which precipitated his death.

From his sister,
Ann Logan Lubben
10455 Strait Lane, Dallas, Tx 75229

22 Jun 2003

Buzz was my friend from '67 before he went to Vietnam until he died two years later. He was a good man. I am honoured to have known him -- and as long as I live, I will never forget him.

Buzz had a passion for living that was deep and mixed with a fearlessness of death. He gave his life saving his comrades on Nui Coto Mountain ... part of a Mike Force sent to get an A Team out. He was honoured with a posthumous Silver Star ... an honour much deserved. SF never cared much for medals, but he earned his the hard way.

Sandra Wintermoss

Photo courtesy of Sandra Wintermoss

13 Aug 2007

After "Buzz" died we were visited by Captain Alexander who stated that Buzz had tried to save a comrade who had been injured in open ground; around the twilight of the day, Buzz, without orders, tried to go out to get said comrade; he dragged him back, but suffered a sucking chest wound that eventually spelled his demise. We appreciate all with whom he has interacted. All who have contacted us and told us of the complexities of the Nui Coto area have enlightened us to the situation our brother faced as a soldier and hero and we will be forever in your debt. Please feel free to enlighten us further about a brother who remains so distant and yet so memorable in the minds of people he met.

From his brother,
Jim Logan, M. D.
1040 Division, Mauston, Wisconsin

A Note from The Virtual Wall

The Special Forces detachment at To Chau (Det A-432) was established as a Mobile Strike Force in March 1967. It was redesignated Det A-403 in June 1967 and became 3rd Battalion, IV Corps Mobile Strike Force Command (4th MSFC) in late May 1968. The Mobile Strike Forces - one in each Military Region - were composed of indigenous personnel trained, advised, and frequently led by Special Forces personnel.

In November 1968 3rd Bn, 4th MSFC, was committed at Nui Coto Mountain, Chau Doc Province. In several days of hard fighting, at least two Special Forces troopers were killed - Staff Sergeant Francis M. Logan on 4 November and Sergeant Tomas C. Tucker on 8 November.

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