Jimmy Morris Logan

Staff Sergeant
Army of the United States
04 December 1945 - 08 March 1968
Cumberland Furnace, Tennessee
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Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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11 Mar 2004

Jimmy Morris Logan was my friend.

I met him at Fort Jackson, SC in 1966. We were in a HQ company as holdovers for OCS. Jimmy went to Armor OCS at Fort Knox but dropped out because he wouldn't buckle under to the nonsense. He ended up in the 9th Infantry Division as a combat leader in the Delta and was a Staff Sergeant E-6 at the time of his death. A letter I had written to him came back to me in lower II Corps marked only killed in action.

I have since stayed in touch with his parents Alex and Evelyn Logan, now in their 80's, who still miss their son. I could be wrong about this but was told once that Jimmy had completed his tour and had gone to visit a friend from home before going "back to the world" and was killed when someone triggered a 105 round that had been made into a boobytrap by the local VC. Jimmy was survived by two brothers and two sisters. The two sisters are now deceased, the youngest died in an auto accident. Jimmy was married and had one child born when he was in Viet Nam. I miss him to this day and honor his memory.

Tom Garvey
2403 Honey Run Road, Ambler, Pa., 19002

19 Jul 2005

Jimmy Logan was the brother-in-law I never got to meet. His brother Michael (Mike) and I were married for twenty years. Mike was the youngest child and Jimmy was second eldest in a family of five children. Only two remain living today, Randy and Mike. Mike and I were married for twenty years and I have always felt as if I knew Jimmy from the stories told by Jimmy's parents, Evelyn and Alex Logan and his brothers and sisters. He was a very loved man. His family adored him and miss him to this day. He is buried at "Chigger Hill", a quiet graveyard in rural Tennessee behind a lovely little church. He is HOME! The house he was raised in is nearby. Slayden is a small community and everybody knows everybody else. I have never heard a bad word about Jimmy from ANYONE! His parents and his community still grieve for him to this day. I wish I could have met him and maybe one day I will be able to see him face to face, in the hereafter and let him know how much his family misses him.

From his sister-in-law,
Kay Logan Orgain
E-mail address is not available.

02 Mar 2007

I had the honor of serving with Sgt Jimmy Logan with 2nd Plt, Bravo Co, 4/47. I was with Sergeant Logan on March 8, 1968, the day that he was killed. It was a very bitter battle for all of us, fighting from about 4 in the afternoon til about 3 in the morning. It is a day that I will never forget, in fact I relive that battle over, and over in my mind. We also lost two other men in my platoon, Pfc Vanfleet and Sp4 Titus, plus numerous wounded in action. At the moment I can not find the words that I would like to say, except that I will never forget them. God bless them all, it was truly an honor.

Carlos Labastida
2410 East Mcarthur, Tempe, Arizona 85281

A Note from The Virtual Wall

The US Naval Forces Vietnam History for March 1968 describes Operation CORONADO XII, a sweep east of My Tho aimed at locating and destroying the 261st VC Main Force Battalion. Two infantry battalions were deployed on 07 March and contact was made the following day by 4th Bn, 47th Infantry about 5 miles northeast of My Tho. As stated by Mr. Labastida above, the fighting continued until about 3 AM on 09 March. At about that time, FSB HALLORAN just south of the engagement area was brought under attack by mortar fire. The sweep continued through 09 March with the infantrymen withdrawn in the late afternoon.

Forty-four VC dead were left on the battlefield and several small munitions and supply caches were found. Twelve US soldiers were killed in CORONADO XII, one was missing in action, and one sailor was killed in the mortar attack on FSB HALLORAN. The American dead were

  • T-111-5, RIVRON 11, TF 117
    • SN Eugene E. Swift, Hyattsville, MD (FSB HALLORAN)

  • Aircrew, UH-1C 66-00705, 240th AHC
    • CPT Charles B. Jilcott, Logansport, IN
    • WO Guy L. Eisenhart, Lake Ariel, PA
    • SGT James M. Warr, Pleasanton, TX

  • D Co, 15th Engineers
  • A Btry, 3rd Bn, 34th Artillery
    • 1LT Richard A. Koski, Pengilly, MN, F/O with 4/47 Inf (Dist Svc Cross)

  • B Btry, 3rd Bn, 34th Artillery
    • SGT Leon M. Phillips, De Pere, WI (FSB HALLORAN)

  • 4th Bn, 47th Infantry
    • SSG Jimmy M. Logan, Cumberland Furnace, TN, B Company
    • CPL Donald R. Titus, Highland, MD, B Company
    • PFC Donald W. Van Fleet, Inglewood, CA, B Company
    • CPL Timothy Fuller, Denver, CO, C Company

  • 3rd Bn, 60th Infantry
    • SSG Robert J. Comstock, Lovilia, IA, HQ Company
    • CPL Robert L. Taylor, Cape Girardeau, MO, C Company

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