Benjamin Harrison Mason, Jr
Private First Class
United States Marine Corps
Piscataway, New Jersey
October 24, 1948 to September 04, 1967
BENJAMIN H MASON Jr is on the Wall at Panel 25E, Line 104

Combat Action Ribbon
Benjamin H Mason
3rdmaf.gif 1mardiv.gif 5thmarines2.gif

Silver Star
Silver Star

I served with Ben when he was a dog handler in the 1st Sentry Dog Platoon with the 1st then 3rd MP Bn in Da Nang in 1967. Attached is a 1967 photo of him.

Rick Schuette

Vietnam War Dogs Memorial - In Memory Of Vietnam War Dogs and Their Handlers

The Soldier Dog K.I.A. N.J.
I was trained to use my eyes to Charles P. Brown
watch and protect you from harm. Alden J. Bullwinkel
My ears to alert you of impending Christopher Z. Czarnota
danger like an alarm. Robert W. Elliot
My keen sense of smell to detect Richard E. Ford
an enemy close at bay. Claude J. Gaspard Jr.
Yes I was a soldier who gave my life James A. Johnson
so you could fight another day. Benjamin H. Mason Jr.
So remember me as time goes by David A. Nudenberg
This soldier dog so true.  
For I had only one life to give  
and I gave that life to you.  
Author Joe Ferrar  
Jan. 11, 2008  

Photos By Alan Edelson, May 19, 2009. Erected 2009 by J.P. Case Middle School Students - 7th Grade, 301 Case Boulevard - Flemington, New Jersey.


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