Frank Elliott Mc Nutt
Army of the United States
Tampa, Florida
February 01, 1944 to July 16, 1970
FRANK E Mc NUTT is on the Wall at Panel W8, Line 23

Frank E Mc Nutt
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25 Mar 2005

Frank McNutt was a great guy and officer. He is missed by all who knew and served with him. There was no one better. Rest in peace, Frank.

From a friend.
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08 Nov 2005

"Tink", as he was known to his friends, was a wonderful guy! He instilled enthusiasm into all who knew him! His work with MIKE Force in Vietnam was legendary. RIP, Tink... the "Iron Men" will always remember you...!

From a friend,
Dr. Donald Houston
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07 Sep 2006

"Hawg," this is "Stretch." I loved you like a brother and considered you my best friend. Here is a poem I wrote for you when I was still young:

I will remember you, my friend; ah, yes,
I will remember you,
Not as this stiff'ning heap of bones and flesh
You've suddenly become.

I will remember you a year ago,
When, cradled in your arms,
As I now hold you cradled in my own,
I wept, alive, at death.

A year ago, when I'd first killed a man,
You said to me, Yes, weep.
Weep for us all who kill as if we have
The rights of God.

But when your tears are spent, remember this;
We do what must be done,
And, wretched as this deadly duty is,
For Freedom's sake, it's ours.

For, being honor bred, could we do less?
Our heritage is this:
America will risk what must be risked,
Her finest sons, her best.

So, rest your injured soul. For now
You understand, my friend,
That killing is the one great risk we face--
To die is not a sin.

And now you've paid the price, for freedom's sake--
to die is not a sin.
I hope you're right. God knows, I hope you're right.
I'll see you soon, my friend.

Some of us, your old Mike Force teammates, marched beside your parents' car at the Memorial Day parade in Tampa that was dedicated to you a few years ago. It was good for them, and for us.

I still miss you, my forever-young friend.
I'll see you soon Y-Frank. Buckshot

From a friend,
L. H. Burruss

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