Edward Daniel Merkle

Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
19 July 1950 - 23 February 1969
Seneca Falls, New York
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08 Sep 2005

Ed, you were a warrior through and through. Laying down suppressing fire for 5 minutes with your M-60 in the face of superior odds as the rest of us were moving to engage the 40 NVA that had ambushed us. You took out 8 bad guys, Bro', and that saved many of your brothers' lives at the sacrifice of your own. 'Country' had a rough time with you gone, as we all did. I want you to know how much you are loved and missed by 2nd Platoon Lima 3/7. I will see you when I get there, my Brother.

Semper Fi
'Trips' Trenam

A Note from The Virtual Wall

From the 3/7 Marines Command Chronology for February 1969:
"During the period 22-28 February 1969 the 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines was engaged in heavy contact with NVA forces throughout the [Tactical Area of Responsibility]. This contact was in conjunction with the enemy TET offensive." ...

"At 1430 on 23 February 1969 a squad patrol from Co L was taken under fire by an unknown size enemy force in vicinity AT900705. The patrol returned fire resulting in 01 NVA KIA. The patrol regrouped with the remaining elements of the platoon and continued in close contact with the enemy for the remainder of the day accounting for 06 NVA KIA and 01 AK47 captured.

"On the morning of 24 February, after an extensive air and artillery prep, elements form Co L, 3/7 moved out in the attack. Again they encountered heavy S/A's and automatic weapons fire. At this point Co L's Command Group and one platoon from Co L reinforced the unit. Further air strikes were called on the enemy emplacements and Co L set in for the night.

"The next morning, 25 February 1969, CoL commenced their push in vicinity AT899704. They immediately became engaged with a well entrenched enemy force killing 09 NVA ... The contact continued for the remainder of the day..."

Fourteen men from Lima 3/7, including the Company Commander, were killed in action during the engagements outlined above:

  • 23 Feb 1969:
  • 24 Feb 1969:
    • Capt James K. Hall, San Francisco, CA
    • LCpl Wayne L. Thomas, Fort Worth, TX
    • Pfc Michael B. Duffy, Spokane, WA
    • Pfc Tommy Johnson, Fitzgerald, GA
    • Pfc Garold R. Simmers, Rock Hill, SC
    • Pfc Gary W. Smith, Fort Atkinson, WI

  • 25 Feb 1969:
    • Pfc Lawrence G. Donaldson, Ligonier, PA

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