Thomas Craig Miller

Private First Class
Army of the United States
07 December 1950 - 01 February 1971
Pennsauken, NJ
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Thomas C. Miller

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05 Dec 2003

T. C. Miller


I knew TC Miller from home room and from high school sports. He had a ready smile for those around to enjoy it. I read a story by his Sergeant 30 years after his death telling how TC died but also how he lived there and the "adopted" Vietnamese boy TC took care of while they were busy doing their duty. Sounds typical of TC and shows another facet of his nature and his compassion. We will never forget you and thank you for your sacrifice, TC. I only wish we could have seen you hitting the ball and running around the bases for the Phillies instead of the path you had to walk upon. God bless you, your Mother and family who have had to endure the loss these many years.

From a high school friend,
Dave W. Martin

Notes from The Virtual Wall

PFC Thomas C. Miller was assigned to the Gun 4 crew in C Battery, 1st Battalion, 92nd Artillery, which had been colocated with the Phu Nhon District Headquarters on 7 Jan 1971. The 20th Engineer Battalion and two 40mm "Dusters" from B Battery, 4-60th Arty, shared spaced with the newly arrived 155mm platoon. In Sgt. David A. Powell's recollections of events between 07 Jan and the end of the month, he mentions Tom Miller:

"I don't remember when the orphan kid first showed up. I don't know from where he came. Maybe from the shacks around the compound, we always thought they were empty I don't know he was just there one day. He took to PFC Tom Miller like a baby chick and like a mother hen PFC. Miller took to him. Although Miller and I were in the same gun crew, I didn't know much about his background or how he was raised. I didn't know if he was drafted or if he enlisted. I didn't know if he was married, or whether he had children at home. I took a couple of pictures of Tom and the kid crashed together. I know they really touched my heart (and I believe, the hearts of the men in Gun 4). Tom used to share his meals and bunk with the kid. The only time they were apart, was during fire missions and their daily 'toilets'."
The photo of the orphan of Phu Nhon wearing Tom Miller's fatigue shirt was taken by Bill Drew, another Gun 4 crewmember.

At about 0100 on 01 Feb 1971 the C Battery gun crews were awakened for a fire mission against an NVA/VC force attacking the village village of Plei Poe, about 7 to 10 km south. As the crews manned their guns, their area also came under attack, receiving 18 rounds of 82mm mortar fire. One round impacted in the Gun 4 firing pit, wounding eight gunners:

  • SGT Reginald Karg (treated, returned to duty)
  • SGT David Powell (medevaced, survived)
  • SP4 William Drew (treated, returned to duty)
  • SP4 Charles Druin (medevaced, survived)
  • SP4 James McCurdy (medevaced, survived)
  • PFC Michael Jimerson (medevaced, survived)
  • PFC Thomas C. Miller (medevaced, died Pleiku approx 0500 hours)
  • PFC Randolph Pope (medevaced, survived)
The 1/92 site has a page dedicated to these eight men. In addition to the 1/92 casualties, the 20th Engineers had 4 wounded and B/4/60th Arty had 2 wounded in the attack - a total of one dead and thirteen wounded.

A memorial service was held for PFC Miller on 02 Feb and the C/1/92 area named in his honor - first as Landing Zone Miller, later as Fire Support Base Miller.

Memorial service for Thomas C. Miller at Artillery Hill

PFC Thomas C. Miller is remembered on the 1/92nd Arty Association web site.
The text and photos in this section are used with their kind permission.

Thomas Craig Miller,
Private First Class, U. S. Army,
was buried on 11 Feb 1971 in Plot L-2315,
Beverly National Cemetery,
Beverly, New Jersey,
among other men of courage and integrity.

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