Henry Lee Mosburg

Army of the United States
03 December 1935 - 26 September 1966
Putnam, OK
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16 Nov 2000

If you are family or friend of Captain Mosburg please e-mail me.
I would love to get to know him better.
I adopted his name from a list and wish I knew more about him.

Lori Richards

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Memorial to Captain Mosburg

A Note from The Virtual Wall

On 26 Sep 1966 the 114th Assault Helicopter Company conducted a combat assault in Vinh Binh Province, in the Delta region of South Vietnam. The assault area was near the mouth of the Son Co Chien River.

During the assault, one of the supporting gunships, UH-1B tail number 64-13935, was hit by small arms fire while making its second pass against the target, igniting a 2.75 folding-fin aerial rocket while the rocket was still inside its pod. The burning propellant caused the tail boom to fail and separate from the cabin, which then fell in a steep spin into the water where it landed on its right side in some nine feet of water. The crew chief was able to escape from the submerged cabin, but the other three crewmen did not. Rescue efforts succeeded in recovering only one of the three bodies; despite extensive searches the other two were never found. The three men killed in the incident were

  • MAJ Norman Lee Dupre, pilot, body recovered
  • CPT Henry Lee Mosburg, pilot, body not recovered
  • SP4 Marvin Foster Phillips, gunner, body not recovered

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