Timothy James Nightengale

Private First Class
United States Marine Corps
09 September 1949 - 06 April 1968
Buffalo, New York
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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07 Apr 2004

Hello Brother,

You are in my thoughts today April 6, 2004, as you often are. Today however, marks the 36th anniversary of your passing. I think of your great sacrifice at age 18 and how things might have been different if you had returned home. Would you still have your humor and zest for life? I think of your career, wife, children and maybe grandchildren that were never to be. Your companionship with our family is sadly missed. I feel fortunate to keep so many memories and to hold you in my heart. May God bless us all,

Your brother Pat

31 Aug 2005

Take extra special care of your Sister now!
Nancy will be sadly missed by the many
who loved her so much and cared for her so.

Your Buddy,

From a very close friend,
Frank P. Nagy

20 Dec 2005

Dear Uncle Timmy,
I often wonder about you and wonder what you were like. The only physical images that I have of you is from two pictures. One is your high school graduation picture that hung on the wall in Grandma's house on Felix Lane and of course your military picture. I would listen to the stories that were told of you over the years from Grandma, Dad, Aunt Nancy and Aunt Joyce. Sometimes I would want to ask more, but as I would ask I could see the tears in my Dad's eyes. I want to thank you for fighting for our country. I only wish I could have known you.

Love from your niece,
Amy L. Nightengale
69 Keystone Street, West Roxbury, Ma 02132

A Note from The Virtual Wall

Operation PEGASUS, intended to break the siege of the Khe Sanh Combat Base, began on 04 Apr 1968. 1st Battalion, 9th Marines, was ordered to leave the combat base, assault, capture, and occupy several hills overlooking Khe Sanh. Alpha 1/9, reinforced with elements from H&S Company, had been assigned responsibility for Hill 471. The Marines did as ordered, taking all assigned objectives by nightfall on 04 April. Heavy fighting continued through the 5th as the North Vietnamese counter-attacked in an effort to force the Marines from the hilltops, but the Marines held their positions. On 06 April Alpha 1/9 was relieved on Hill 471 by troops from the Army's 2nd Bn, 12th Cavalry, who were airlifted into position. Alpha 1/9, with its H&S attachments, displaced on foot to a position about 1 kilometer distant from Hill 471, establishing a night defensive position by about 2100.

According to the After Action Report, the 1/9 Marines lost 13 men during the three day period 04-06 April. The last two casualties were incurred by Alpha 1/9 on Hill 471:

  • Pfc Timothy J. Nightengale, Buffalo, NY, Alpha 1/9
  • Pfc Steven L. Sparks, Columbus, OH, H&S 1/9

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