Lawrence F Nyman

Lieutenant (junior grade)
United States Navy
09 April 1941 - 24 June 1966
Aberdeen, WA
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L F Nyman

Naval Aviator

Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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Lawrence was born on April 9, 1941, in Aberdeen, Washington. He attended Washington Grade School, Miller Jr. High School, and Aberdeen High School. He was the high school's vice-president in his senior year, 1959. He graduated in the top 10 of his class. From Aberdeen, he went to Palo Alto to attend Stanford University. Lawrence graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Industrial Engineering, in 1963. Later that year he joined the Navy and went to OCS in Newport, Rhode Island. It was there he saw the Blue Angels and fell in love with the idea of flying. He graduated from OCS as an Ensign in the US Navy.

Lawrence upon graduating from OCS began flight training at Pensacola, Fl. From there he went to Meridian, Mississippi to train some more.

At the end of his life he was an F-4B pilot off of the USS Constellation. From the brief description of the incident report we see he was trying to land his plane with nothing working on it, he was flying blind.

My complete memorial to LTJG L F Nyman, USNR, is at

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On 23 June 1966 LTJG Lawrence F. Nyman, pilot, and ENS Harry J. Belknap, RIO, were the crew of an F-4B aircraft (BuNo 152324, call sign Switchbox 114) making a night carrier controlled approach to the USS Constellation. The pilot reported loss of altitude directional indicator,standby gyro, and radar gyro, and requested an approach on the wing of another aircraft. The approach proceeded normally to a point approximately 10 miles aft of the carrier and at an altitude of 1200 feet. At this point Lead observed LTJG Nyman's aircraft passing slightly above and in front, then continuing to the left as it began to descend. The flight leader radioed "Pull up, pull up". He next saw the aircraft inverted and impacting the water in a 30 degree nose down attitude. No ejections were observed. Search efforts were conducted but only aircraft debris was recovered.

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