Floyd Warren Olsen
Lieutenant Colonel
Army of the United States
Wheaton, Illinois
September 03, 1938 to May 01, 1978
(Incident Date April 21, 1968)
FLOYD W OLSEN is on the Wall at Panel 51E, Line 24

Floyd W Olsen
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8 Sep 2002

A resident of Floyd Olsen's hometown reported that while she never knew Maj. Olsen, she wore his bracelet for many years. She also reports that she spoke to a customer from the camera shop where she worked and learned that he was a college friend of Floyd's. He said that he was leaving in a few days (April,1998) on a trip to Vietnam. The reason for the trip was to dedicate a medical clinic in memory of Floyd Olsen. Several of Olsen's college buddies put up the money to rebuild the current clinic that had been serving the area. It is nice to hear that Maj. Olsen has not been forgotten by family and those who knew him from happier times.

I learned this information from another web site. I too, wore Maj. Olsen's bracelet for many years, and watched, with the rest of the country, hoping he would be among those POW's returned to their friends and families. I still keep my bracelet and look at it often, remembering and honoring this brave man. He will never be forgotten.

From one who wore his MIA bracelet.
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26 Jul 03

I also have Floyd Olsen's POW bracelet. I wear it and share what I know with the kids at my school. I grieve for Floyd Olsen all all the others.


26 Apr 2004

While cleaning out a drawer this morning, I found the MIA bracelet I wore during college and afterwards. It was for Major Floyd Olsen and I wondered if any information was available. I appreciated finding this site and that there were others like me who haven't forgotten these soldiers. And now with another war (Iraq), where Americans are questioning why we're there, it brings back sad memories. How nice that family and friends have set up a memorial in Vietnam to honor this soldier.

I plan to keep the bracelet as a reminder and to share this story with my adult children and their children.

From one who wore his MIA bracelet.
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1 Jan 2005

I wore Maj. Floyd Olsen's MIA bracelet for a brief time in 1969,
as a young teenager. It was given to me by my brother, Lt. Col.
(retired) Gary H. Schisler, USAF, when he entered the USAF Academy
in 1969.

Long presumed lost, I found the bracelet recently. It's on display
in my office. My goal is to some day take it to The Wall and leave
it for the US Archives.

Howard R. Schisler, III
4735 Gun Barrel Road NE, Rushville, Oh 43150

07 Mar 2007

I received my Major Floyd Olsen bracelet in 1972 and I continue to proudly wear it today. (Although I do remove it during the summer months as the Arizona heat causes it to burn my wrist.) I continue to wear it so that when people ask me about it I can take the opportunity to teach others about what the bracelet represents, both then and now. I have been to visit the Wall twice and the emotional effect it has on me is beyond powerful. I don't want any person whose name appears on that Wall or any other monument to ever be forgotten or their sacrafice to be diminished.

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