Gerald Everett Olson

United States Air Force
29 January 1937 - 09 October 1973
Winter Haven, Florida
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Purple Heart, Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Campaign, Vietnam Service
Gerald E Olson

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3 Jun 2001

I just wish for this man to be remembered.
I know that someone must miss him.
I wear his MIA bracelet.

07 Jun 2005

by one who wears his MIA Bracelet.

Cindy Stinson

Notes from The Virtual Wall

"Puff the magic Dragon,
A bird of days long gone,
Came to fly the evening sky,
In a land called Vietnam"

The 4th ACS deployed with the first AC-47 gunships in Autumn 1965 and immediately began operations. Based at Nha Trang, flights of three aircraft and five or six crews were sent to DaNang, Pleiku, Bien Hoa, and Binh Thuy. One flight was retained at Nha Trang. The 4th ACS was part of the 14th Air Commando Wing (14th ACS, later renamed the 14th Special Operations Wing), popularly known as "The Antique Wing" since they flew only 'outmoded' propeller-driven aircraft - A-1Es, C/AC/EC-47s, U-10s, etc. The AC-47 gunships soon received the callsign "SPOOKY", but were commonly known as "Puff" - the tracer streams looked like a dragon's breath.

On 13 March 1966, SPOOKY 73 was assigned a night armed recon mission over Quang Nam Province, South Vietnam. The crew consisted of

  • CAPT Howard W. Henninger, pilot
  • CAPT Robert E. Pasekoff, copilot
  • CAPT Gerald E. Olson, navigator
  • TSGT Edwin E. Morgan, loadmaster
  • SSGT Gene E. Davis, flight mechanic
  • SSGT Marshall I. Pauley, gunner
  • SGT Dean A. Duvall, gunner
The last radio contact with the aircraft was shortly after takeoff from Da Nang. Although the wreckage was never located, it is believed that the AC-47 went down just east of the Laotian border in Quang Nam Province. The seven crewmembers were declared Missing in Action.

As of 11 Feb 2003, Gerald E. Olson's remains have not been repatriated (see our MIA Current Status pages).

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