Albert Aleya Outwater, Jr

United States Marine Corps
25 March 1946 - 21 July 1967
Phillipsburg, New Jersey
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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20 May 2008

Lying here beneath this ground
Never again to make a sound
When alive, they were so brave
And carried honor into the grave

They were all the best of men
Courage earned by all of them
Medals pinned upon their chest
At last the peace, of final rest

In the ranks they stood so strong
Voices raised in battle songs
Marching forward defying fear
For the land they loved so dear

On that final Judgement Day
When they all stand up to say
We gave up all we owned you see
At duties call to set men free

So when the flag waves in the wind
If but a moment, Remember Them
For they all paid the final cost
So freedom's truth, would not be lost
- Jeff Hooker -

From a relative.

A Note from The Virtual Wall

The 3rd Bn, 3rd Marines' Command Chronolgy for July 1967 reports that at 2:15 PM, 21 Jul the 2nd Plt, Mike 3/3, while escorting a road sweep team on Highway 9 southwest of Ca Lu, encountered two enemy soldiers. The Marines killed one of the NVA soldiers, retrieving the dead soldier's body. Shortly afterwards, the platoon found itself under heavy attack by what seemed to be most of an NVA battalion. The remainder of Mike 3/3 came to help, while Kilo 3/3 and a light tank section mounted out from Ca Lu to assist. By 8:15 PM Mike Company reported they had broken contact and were withdrawing. While the number of enemy dead is not known, the Marines lost eleven men killed in action - and another died from wounds three weeks later. The twelve men were
  • 2ndLt John L. Anderson, Alliance, NE
  • Cpl Dennis L. Antoine, Franklin, WI
  • HM3 Thomas O. Clark, Yonkers, NY, Corpsman, H&S Co w/ Mike 3/3
  • Cpl Donald W. McNamara, Northwood, IA
  • SSgt Terrance L. Meier, Portland, OR (DoW 08/12/1967) (Navy Cross)
  • Sgt Albert A. Outwater, Phillipsburg, NJ
  • LCpl William E. Murff, Prattville, AL
  • LCpl Gary W. Stern, Indiana, PA
  • Pfc Richard F. Coleman, Columbus, OH
  • Pfc Ocie D. Cooley, Baldwin Park, CA
  • Pfc Arthur M. Driggers, North Charleston, SC
  • Pfc Mark T. Linderman, Lansdale, PA

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