Bobbitt Schwintz

Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
19 May 1949 - 12 February 1970
Tacoma, WA
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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Dear Brother,

Alyce and I are all that is left of our nuclear family. It is my prayer that you and Bill are together again and I take comfort in that possibility.

I miss you every day, and weep for the future you never got to experience. Your niece, Nara, whom you knew only as a tiny infant, has grown into a beautiful and talented young woman with a family of her own. You have 2 nephews, my sons, who are wonderful young men; Martin, the oldest, only recently completed 4 years in the Army and served in Bosnia, and Ian is a burgeoning artist. I have tried to teach them about you, and all that you meant to me as I grew up, and to let them know what a good and loving person you were.

I look forward to seeing you again one day in a far better place, and until then, I miss you and I love you.


There is very little information available to me on what Bobbitt was doing when he was killed. I want to put as much information out there as possible in the hopes that someone who served with him, in Quang Nam, South Vietnam, will be able to contact me and give me more information. I am not very good at Memorials, and my simple words cannot possibly express how much I have missed this dearly loved brother. I have his medals, the flag given to my mother at Bob's funeral, and a few other small items if his, but the greatest gift would be if someone who knew him in the service could shed light on the circumstances of his death.
Lance Corporal Bobbitt Schwintz is remembered by a comrade-in-arms,
former Staff Sergeant Terry Toenges , Hotel 2/5 Marines, at

This photo is taken from his site.

L to R: Bobbitt Schwintz, Mark Lilienthal, Johnny Wilson, Charles Mason, T. J. Kirk
2/70 - Liberty Bridge on the north side.

A memorial from his sister,
Katherine Moore 
11 Mar 2002

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Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
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