Tony Vale

Private First Class
United States Marine Corps
10 November 1944 - 27 November 1965
Houston, Texas
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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09 Jul 2002

Men of the 3rd platoon, Company C, First Recon.

A Memorial from a fellow brother of the First Recon Battalion

I served with Tony Vale in 1st Recon Bn, United States Marine Corps. After his death we received a letter from his family.

The letter from Tony's family meant very much to us, his Marine Corps brothers in Vietnam. I have lost contact with the family and would very much like to hear from any of them to let them know that Tony is still remembered by his buddies.

Jim Edwards

Mr. & Mrs. Tony Vale
Houston, Texas
December 17, 1965

3rd Platoon Company C
1st Reconnaissance Bn

Dear Men of CoC

Just a few lines to let you know that we received your sympathy card with the picture of you men in the company. You cannot imagine the comfort it gives us to know that regardless of your own worries, troubles and problems (which we know you have plenty) you have taken time to drop us a card. We are going to try to enlarge the picture if possible.

We want you men to know that we appreciate your feelings toward our son Tony and we feel that you boys are closer than probably most companies. We want to thank you for the masses you have attended in his behalf. Nothing can erase the hurt in our hearts over our loss but your gestures really help ease the Pain. So let's think that Tony's going is just one of your representatives and that he probably is rasining all kinds of Sand with the good Lord about taking care of the rest of his company. Men we have faith that the rest of you will make it out all right with God's help and we are going to pray for all of you. We want for each of you men to feel free to write us a line any time you do not have anything to do which I know it's very seldom but just so you keep busy looking out for each other is a lot of comfort.

If any of you wish when you come to the vicinity of Houston be sure and call on us but in the meantime we will keep praying for you.

May God Bless You
Sincerely your friends
Mr. & Mrs. Tony Vale & Family

12 Sep 2006

Sept 12, 2006 ... Hermano (Brother), it's been nearly 41 years ago (Nov 27, 1965) that we all set out to rescue men in our company who had been pinned down by the enemy and needed our help.

You took on the most dangerous assignment, when you volunteered to be our point man.

We took enemy fire and shortly thereafter I was summoned to move out of my position, and render aid to someone in front of my position.

You had been mortally wounded, and shortly thereafter, you died in my arms. I felt guilty for living, guilty for not being able to save you.

You have remained in my mind and heart, where you will stay until I can see you again.

I know that God has rewarded you for your great sense of duty to your country, for your love for your family, and for the noble love that you gave to us all.

Your brother forever,

I was one of the 1st Recon Battalion Corpsman.
Tony was my friend.
Paul Hinojos
1826 E. Orange Drive, Phoenix, Az 85016

A Note from The Virtual Wall

In November 1965 C Company, 1st Recon Bn, had already deployed to Vietnam and was attached to the 3rd Recon Bn. The 3rd Recon Command Chronology for the month contains the C/1st Recon post-patrol report. In part, it reads as follows:
"Mission: Conduct a motor convoy to coord BS503036 then patrol by foot west to extract team SPARTAN and insert team COVETOUS.

"At 270850H, the company moved out ... to coord BS593936 and dismounted. ... The company started to cross the open space at coord BS580938. The point received sniper fire from houses ... the company deployed, at that time the company received fire ... the 2nd platoon with Lt WILLIAMS moved to the north to coord BS583939 into the cain [sic] fields then turned west and then north. ... Eight houses were cleared... At approx 0945H the 2nd platoon rejoined the company at coord BS578938. The company moved out and one sniper fired one round from coord BS574937 hitting PFC VALE ... PFC VALE was hit in the chest and died..."

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
Ken Davis, Commander, United States Navy (Ret)
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