Victor Harold Vanvactor
Private First Class
United States Marine Corps
Louisville, Kentucky
June 11, 1947 to March 26, 1967
VICTOR H VANVACTOR is on the Wall at Panel 17E, Line 53

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Victor H Vanvactor
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24 Jul 2004

Victor Vanvactor was a neighborhood friend. My brother Fred Paul and Victor went to school together. Fred also served in Vietnam with the 25th Infantry Div. I know my brother misses Victor and I was very sad when I got the news of his death. I pray for his family and his friends.

If any of his buddies who served with him read this, please feel free to e-mail me. Also any family members. God Bless Victor and his family.

Sharon Chiquito Paul

13 Aug 2004

Remembered by fellow Marines of Platoon 151, 1st. Bn., Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island. Graduated April 30, 1966. The second of five Marines from Plt. 151 killed in action in Vietnam:

We will never forget your sacrifice to your Country and Corps.

From a fellow Marine from Plt 151,
Bernie Schaufenbil


A Note from The Virtual Wall

During the period 20 March - 01 April 1967 the 1st Bn, 4th Marines were conducting Operation Beacon Hill, a search-and-destroy operation in the Gia Linh District of Quang Tri Province. The area was well supplied with NVA troops who seemed inclined to fight rather than withdraw and the 1/4 Marines encountered stiff resistance from the outset. Charlie 2/4 was involved in two major engagements; on 24 March they lost six men in a fight with a company-sized NVA unit while killing 38 NVA troops.

Charlie 1/4's second engagement was on 26 March, this time a 3+ hour fight against an entrenched enemy concealed in dense vegetation. The 1/4 Operations Log for 26 March contains three entries applicable to Charlie 1/4:

  • 1132 - Receiving sporadic sniper fire
  • 1245 - Engaged by snipers and a small NVA unit; killed 2 NVA
  • 1600 to 1930 - Received 82mm mortar, heavy automatic weapons, and small arms fire from concealed enemy positions and trench lines. Medevac helicopter downed by enemy fire [probably UH-34D tail number 145796]. Results 6 friendly KIA, 28 WIA. 9 NVA KIA confirmed, 13 probable, 1 POW.
Two of Charlie 1/4's wounded died later the same day, for a total loss of eight men:
  • Cpl Robert E. Bryson, Rochester, NY
  • Cpl Douglas W. Lee, Winston-Salem, NC (Silver Star)
  • LCpl Floyd M. Larrabee, Olathe, KS
  • LCpl James L. Verhelst, Kewanee, IL
  • Pfc Douglas E. Dickey, Rossburg, OH (Medal of Honor)
  • Pfc Edwardo L. Gutloff, New York, NY
  • Pfc Larry J. Larson, Carmel, CA
  • Pfc Victor H. Vanvactor, Louisville, KY

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