George W. Youngerman, Jr
Specialist Four
Army of the United States
Vandalia, Ohio
January 25, 1950 to April 01, 1971
GEORGE W YOUNGERMAN Jr is on the Wall at Panel W4, Line 100

George W Youngerman
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17 June 2005

George was a friend to my brothers and to our family. He lived just up the street from my house and visited about every day. I was 12 when George came to say good-bye to us before going to Nam. We were in our front yard and he was teasing my younger sisters and I as usual. He had some money in his hand and he told us if we could get to it we could keep it. George was tall with long arms and he raised up his arms so we would have to really work at getting the money... us girls all attacked him, hanging off his arms and eventually getting him on the ground, laughing all the way and but we eventually got the change. He was like a brother to me ... actually nicer then my real brothers! He didn't have any sisters, just 2 other brothers so I think he felt we 3 girls were his sisters. He told my Mother that day that he felt he wasn't coming back alive. He was right... he was killed April 1,1971. His first cousin also from Ohio was killed in action the next day, April 2,1971. Their Fathers lost their oldest sons. I never have forgotten George... I think of him a lot. He is a hero and I loved him.



A Note from The Virtual Wall

The cousin mentioned above was PVT Joseph M. Youngerman of Dayton, Ohio, who was serving with B Company, 2nd Bn, 503rd Infantry at the time of his death on 02 April 1971.

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