Edward C Zimmerman, Jr

Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
09 August 1946 - 25 June 1966
Muncie, Indiana
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Silver Star

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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03 May 2006

Eddie was in our company, Fox 2/4. He served as a radioman in Vietnam. He was a quiet, unassuming type of Marine who just did his job. I remember writing his folks after he was killed and my heart was broken for their loss. Semper fi, Eddie, I think of you often.

Sgt Jack Leniger
RVN 1965-66

A Note from The Virtual Wall

Operation JAY was a joint ARVN/USMC search and destroy mission in Thua Thien Province aimed at rooting out the 806th and 812th VC Main Force Battalions. The operation kicked off at 1015 25 June 1966.

Fox 2/4 was working on the north side of a road, with Hotel 2/4 on the south side. Echo 2/4 was following Hotel 2/4. At 1345 Fox 2/4 encountered heavy resistance and called in air and naval gunfire support against the enemy positions. As the resistance increased, Hotel 2/4 swung north to flank the enemy positions while Echo 2/4 continued along the road to link with a blocking position held by units of the 2nd Bn, 1st Marines. Fox and Hotel continued their assault on the enemy, and at 1530 Echo 2/4 began to encounter stiff resistance.

At 1630 a medevac helicopter (UH-34D BuNo 148053, HMM-161) was brought down by ground fire; a platoon from 2/1 Marines was dispatched to the scene of the crash. In addition, the 2/1 Marines began to move from their blocking position toward the area where Fox and Hotel 2/4 were engaged, hoping to take the enemy positions from the rear.

By nightfall, Echo 2/4 was within sight of the 2/1 Marines, but the two units were separated by an area held by enemy forces. Fox and Hotel had forced the enemy to withdraw but had not been able to destroy the forces to their front. Rather than press a night engagement the Marines were halted in place. Air and artillery fire was maintained throught the night on the enemy-held areas. When the Marines began again at daybreak only scattered resistance was encountered - the VC apparently had been able to withdraw through the gap between Echo 2/4 and the 2/1 positions.

Thirtynine VC bodies were recovered from the battleground, and there was evidence that many more had been killed or wounded. Significant quantities of weapons, munitions, and supplies were captured. However, the actions on 25 June cost the lives of 15 Marines, two more were killed in action on the 26th, and on 27 June two Marines died of wounds received earlier. The American dead were

  • UH-34D BuNo 148053, HMM-161:
    • Sgt Donald E. Stahl, Southwest, PA (DoW 06/27/1966)
    • HM3 Edward G. Creed, Dallas, TX (Silver Star)

  • 2nd Bn, 1st Marines:
    • Sgt Richard L. Strange, Richmond, VA (Silver Star), Golf 2/1
    • Cpl James Coleman, Jacksonville, FL, Golf 2/1
    • Pfc Ronald L. Herbstritt, Bradford, PA, Golf 2/1
    • Pfc Santos Sanchez, Selma, CA, Golf 2/1
    • GySgt Robert R. Eggleston, Los Angeles, CA, Hotel 2/1
    • Cpl David E. Reyner, Houston, TX, Hotel 2/1
    • LCpl Miller J. Bourg, Houma, LA, Hotel 2/1
    • Pfc Bruno L. Martin, Wayne, MI, Hotel 2/1
    • HN Cecil E. Daw, Anacoco, LA, H&S 2/1
    • Pfc John M. Risner, Las Cruces, NM, H&S 2/1

  • 2nd Bn, 4th Marines:
    • Cpl Garry L. Reynolds, Maiden, NC, Echo 2/4
    • LCpl William Morris, Arverne, NY, Echo 2/4
    • Pfc Thomas C. Edwards, Tampa, FL, Echo 2/4
    • Cpl Ernest W. Strehle, Mundelein, IL (Silver Star), Fox 2/4
    • LCpl Edward C. Zimmerman, Muncie, IN (Silver Star), Fox 2/4
    • Pfc Robert D. Wuertz, Columbus, OH, Hotel 2/4
    • Pfc Robert T. Vergano, Merced, CA, H&S 2/4 (DoW 06/27/1966)

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