George Albert F Dasho, Jr
Specialist Four
Army of the United States
Cicero, Illinois
May 25, 1950 to April 10, 1969
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George A Dasho
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The son of Rosa M. and George A. Dasho, Sr. of Cicero, Illinois, he attended Lane Tech H.S. for three years before entering the Army.

George A Dasho    George A Dasho

At 0940 hours on 10 April 1969, a flight of four aircraft in support of the 2nd Battalion, 39th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division departed Dong Tam for Fire Support Base SCHROEDER to lead troops of the 239th Infantry and proceed to the area of operations.

The flight landed in a staggered right formation at coordinates XS145487 (SCHROEDER) and loaded the infantry troops. Aircraft #65-10127 was Chalk #2 in the flight. The flight lifted off at approximately 0958 hours. Approximately 20 seconds later when aircraft #65-10127, being flown by the pilot, had reached an altitude of between 40 and 60 feet and an airspeed of 40 knots, the aircraft commander and pilot heard a bang from the engine area; the aircraft then yawed slightly to the left.

The aircraft commander took control as the aircraft lost power and subsequently rapidly lost altitude. The aircraft commander did not attempt to adjust power and struck the ground on a heading of 165 degrees.

The tail and tail rotor were torn from the tail boom, the main rotor blades were separated from the aircraft, and the right skid was ripped from the fuselage as the aircraft spun to the right and came to a rest on its right side.

One crew member, SP4 George A. Dasho, and one passenger, SGT Larry D Chandler, were pinned under the wreckage. Both were killed.

Other aircraft in the same flight landed to give aid and evacuate the casualties. The crew and passengers were medevaced to the 3rd Surgical Hospital at Dong Tam.

He is buried Queen of Heaven Catholic Cemetery, Hillside, Cook County Illinois. Unable to locate location of parent's burial.

George A Dasho George A Dasho

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