Patrick Martin Dixon

First Lieutenant
Army of the United States
01 September 1945 - 28 May 1969
Dixon, Illinois
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Distinguished Service Cross

Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Patrick M. Dixon

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29 Nov 2003

1LT Patrick Martin Dixon was an Army Reserve Officer who joined our elite battalion on 21 Nov 1968. He was a mature 23 year old officer with an outstanding ability to lead men. He and I were not assigned to the same company in the 5th Battalion, 60th Infantry, so most of my knowledge of him came from those assigned to his command. He was not only highly respected by his men, but by Battalion Headquarters as well. 1LT Dixon was chosen to be the Platoon Leader for the newly formed Recon Platoon. He gathered top-notch soldiers from all the different companies throughout the battalion. My Alpha Company gave up some excellent men to this new platoon. They were, without doubt, the pride of the entire battalion. That tragic day when 1LT Dixon and his command group, including Doc Tiffany who came from Alpha Co., were lost in an enemy ambush in Long An Province remains etched in my memories forever. The entire battalion mourned the terrible loss of not just a few good men but of the loss of OUR VIETNAM BROTHERS. We miss you, LT, and want you to know that our pride in your Recon Platoon will forever remain strong.

From one who proudly served with Pat in Vietnam,
Barney Tharp
3240 Sam Browning Rd, Lebanon, Kentucky

29 Nov 2004

Pat Dixon sat next to me for four years in classes at Notre Dame ... we were not close friends. Quite often he would have his ROTC uniform on in class ... As there were many ROTC cadets at Notre Dame, this was a common sight. Years later I met a man who was a bodyguard for General McArthur. He had a "foxhole" theory of life: "Who would you feel most secure with you in a foxhole?". Without saying a word, Pat Dixon had that aura about him of courage, bravery, honor, and self-sacrifice. To lay down one's life for another, what greater gift can one give. All those qualities were present in Patrick the first day I sat next to him in class ... Some people are just special.

From a classmate at Notre Dame,
Michael Dillon

A Note from The Virtual Wall

E Company, 5/60 Infantry, lost five men on 28 May 1968:
  • 1LT Patrick M. Dixon, Dixon, IL (Dist Svc Cross)
  • SGT Earl A. Godman, Baltimore, MD
  • SP5 David L. Tiffany, Riverside, CA (Dist Svc Cross, Silver Star)
  • SP4 Marvin C. Briss, Binford, ND
  • SP4 Dick E. Whitney, Newberg, OR
SP5 Tiffany, a medic assigned to Headquarters Company but in the field with E Company, had previously been awarded the Silver Star. He and 1LT Dixon received the Distinguished Service Cross for their actions on 28 May.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
one who proudly served with Pat in Vietnam,
Barney Tharp
3240 Sam Browning Rd. , Lebanon, Kentucky 
29 Nov 2003

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