Ronald Wayne Forrester

VMA(AW)-533, MAG 15, 1ST MAW
United States Marine Corps
15 March 1947 - 05 September 1978
Odessa, Texas
Panel 01W Line 106

Naval Flight Officer

Purple Heart, Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Ronald Forrester
Senior year, Texas A&M (1968-69)

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8 Oct 2001

Ron Forrester's name on the Wall

How often do we stop and think of what sort of person the "name on the wall" was? It is not always easy to gather information on a person listed, but it is extremely rewarding when you do find information, when you can share with the world a glimpse into the life of someone now known as an MIA, POW, or KIA-BNR. Knowing the sacrifices they made, the loved ones they left behind, the impact they had on those that knew them is also important when memorializing those left behind.

"Ron Forrester was ever so much more than name, rank, serial number and date he disappeared. He was someone's brother, twin, son, ex-husband, father, best friend. He was the finest person I've ever met."

Those words were written by Ron's best friend who, along with Ron's brothers, has so kindly allowed to get to know Ron in a way no "report of loss" biography could ever allow me to. I have been able to watch Ron grow up and become the kind of man that heroes are made out of, and I have come to care deeply about a man who went Missing In Action four and a half years before I was born.

I have dedicated a portion of my site to Ron, so that others can be blessed to know him. You will be able to read what his best friend shared with me and a sort of memoir written by Ron's younger brother, as well as letters Ron sent home during his short time based at the Rose Garden, Nam Phong, Thailand. Most importantly, you will see that Ron truly is more than just a name on the Wall.

It is difficult for me to put into words the type of man Ron Forrester was, so I suggest you read what his best friends had to say. You certainly won't be disappointed, and you too shall see why Ron is more than just a name on the Wall.

Stacey N. Jones

06 Jun 2006

I knew Ronnie from our elementary grade school days. He and his twin brother Donnie attended Rusk Elementary in those days and I attended Zavala. We were teammates on a little league team before I moved to another part of Odessa.

Ronnie was an active student at Ector Junior/Senior High School in Odessa, where he was an end on the Eagle Football Team and was active in all academic areas. I attended Odessa High School where I was a classmate of Jana Hamilton. Ronnie and Jana married after they both graduated from college, Jana at Texas Tech and Ronnie from Texas A&M.

As those were turbulent days, many marriages failed due to the war and the demands of military life. Ronnie and Jana were the parents of Karoni Lynn. Ronnie always addressed Karoni in each and every letter to Jana and to his family.

Karoni is now grown and is the mother of a beautiful young daughter, Lillian Wane Gonzales. She is active in the National League of Families and serves as Chairman of the Publicity Committee.

The effort to locate Ronnie's remains continues.

Ronnie is remembered by the Permian Basin Vietnam Veterans' Memorial in Midland/Odessa, Texas. May his sacrifice never be forgotten and may his remains be located and brought home to his family and friends.

From a friend,
Billy M. Brown

26 Apr 2007

I'm Karen Carroll and I have his name on my MIA/POW bracelet. I met his daughter Karoni when she came here to Texas A&M University to sell MIA/POW bracelets. I would like to know what's going on with the recovery of Captain Forrester and the pilot. Please ask Karoni to get in touch with me at the Corps of Cadets Center at 979-862-2862 or my cell at 979-574-3407. Thank you so much and God Bless Ronald Forrester.

Karen Carroll
10650 Lakefront Drive, College Station, Texas 77845

A Note from The Virtual Wall

Captain Ralph J. Chipman, pilot, and 1Lt Ronald W. Forrester, bombardier-navigator, took their A-6A INTRUDER into North Vietnam on December 27, 1972. The last contact was made with the crew over the target area; the aircraft did not return from the mission.

A subsequent article in Quan Doi Nhan Dan, a daily Vietnamese newspaper, described an aircraft downed by the Vietnamese. Apparently the pilot was reported to be dead, and possibly the co-pilot as well. Although this article was thought to possibly relate to Chipman and Forrester, it was not definite enough for proof of death. Both men were classified Missing in Action. Neither has returned.

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Stacey N. Jones

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
Ken Davis, Commander, United States Navy (Ret)
Memorial first published on 8 Oct 2001
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