Louis Howard Huff, II
Private First Class
United States Marine Corps
Mc Keesport, Pennsylvania
August 12, 1949 to March 12, 1968
LOUIS H HUFF II is on the Wall at Panel 44E, Line 27

Combat Action Ribbon

02 Oct 2005

Although I was too young to remember you, stories and photos help me to know you. Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice.

Rest in Peace

From his cousin,
Andrea Guerra


A Note from The Virtual Wall

The following is summarized from the 2/4 Marines' Command Chronology for March 1968 and describes the period 12-16 March 1968:
On 12 March Company F made heavy contact with enemy in the heavily fortified village of Lam Xuan (East), YD 285689. The enemy was supported by artillery, rockets, and mortars. Some of the Marines killed could not be recovered until 15 March. ... On 14 March, this village was subjected to heavy bombardment by air, naval gunfire, and artillery. On 15 March the village was seized by Company E which was later joined by Company F. All bodies were recovered. ... All BLT units returned to Ma Xai Chanh by 0730H on 16 March.

Totals for this four day engagement were
Enemy: KIA - 67. Weapons and equipment captured.
Friendly: KIA - 17 (one body lost during recovery operations). WIA and evacuated - 59.

The Marines and one sailor who died in the fighting at Lam Xuan East were
  • F Co, 2nd Bn, 4th Marines:
    • Cpl Jerry W. Fraze, Dallas, TX
    • LCpl Lawrence A. Branigan, Philadelphia, PA
    • LCpl Thomas R. Fleming, Arlington, VA
    • LCpl Randall L. McElreath, Midwest City, OK
    • LCpl Jeffery E. Mead, Janesville, WI
    • LCpl Ralph L. Washington, Portsmouth, VA
    • LCpl Kenneth M. Watkins, Washington, DC
    • Pfc James W. Bettis, Tulsa, OK
    • Pfc Lenard Coleman, Portal, GA
    • Pfc Stephen R. Cunningham, Denver, CO
    • Pfc Louis H. Huff, Mc Keesport, PA
    • Pfc Willie B. Lee, Socorro, NM
    • Pfc Daniel V. Michel, Astoria, NY
    • Pfc Edward F. Rogers, Roslindale, MA (body not recovered)
    • Pvt William L. Holland, Orange, NJ

  • H Co, 2nd Bn, 4th Marines:
    • Pfc Antonio Orozco, Muleshoe, TX

  • H&S Co, 2nd Bn, 4th Marines:
    • HM3 Robert C. Plemmons, Huntsville, TX

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