Roger Michael Hurd
Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
Cambridge, Massachusetts
November 16, 1947 to May 21, 1967
ROGER M HURD is on the Wall at Panel 20E, Line 75

Combat Action Ribbon
Roger M Hurd
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Joe Oliver, childhood friend, described growing up with Roger in the 1950's in East Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was made up of second-generation Italian, Polish, Irish, and Portuguese. Everyone Joe knew was Catholic. It was great and all the families in the neighborhood got along. All the parents worked and Joe knew of no one's parents who were divorced, except for one family - Roger's parents. He also had 3 sisters who had different last names.

All of their friends hung around together all through grammar and high school. Joe's birthday was the 15th of November and Roger's on the 16th. They were always commenting about "What a difference a day makes" when growing up, with Roger always a bit behind Joe. Roger even joined the Marines a month after Joe in 1965.

When Joe learned of the death of Roger, he had a difficult time of finding Roger's mother and could not track down his sisters. In 2008, Joe read an article he found from another Marine who knew Roger in Vietnam and had written a story. He published the story in the Purple Heart Magazine in 2012, so that Roger would not be forgotten. Read the full story here by Joe and the article by John Kaheny.

Joe has located a sister of Roger's (2013) and they are in the process of placing a new marker with Roger's service information on it along side the current family marker.

Roger Michael Hurd is buried with his mother, Mary K Gillan, in Woodlawn Cemetery, Everette Massachusetts.


It all started on 21 May 1967 at 10:00 hours (10 a.m.) when Company A reported they were in area with two UH1E helicopters reconning by fire when they spotted 10 to 15 enemy at grid 753450. They fired 60mm mortars and 105mm missions. Upon completion of the mission, the CO said they would search the area for results. Ten minutes later, they found 6 fighting holes facing Hill 881, camouflaged but not reinforced. The company found expended 7.62mm (Russian Mauser) ammo cartridges, rice, and blood stained cloth.

At 1035 hours, the company had a patrol out in vicinity of 752448. Twenty-five minutes later, the company patrol received 15-20 rounds of small arms fire from direction of 752453. They returned fire with 110 rounds of 5.56mm caliber weapons as well as 10 rounds from M-79 grenade launcher. At this time, two Hueys on station to join in.

At 1125 hours, the company spot reports shows they received 25-30 rounds of small arms fire and the Hueys also received fire from same area as earlier. The Huey fired all their ordnance. Fire mission included 6 rounds of White Phosphorous (WP) and 6 rounds of High Explosive (HE) from supporting 105mm Artillery.

The next journal entry at 1815 hours, was a daily summary - "SpotRep- A-3 received small arms and mortar fires from unknown number of NVA from direction of 756454, resulting in 2 KIA and 8 WIA, 5 evacuated. Called Artillery and requested fixed wing on station."That was the extent of the journal spot reports.

The full report contained the following information. Company A patrol #3 (3rd Platoon), moved into area where Air Strikeds had been run, and artilery missions were fired. Found a trail freshly marked by knife marks cut into trees. Trail ran east to west. Found where Napalm had landed along the trail and fresh footprints leading to tunnel. Checked out tunnel with negative results. Patrol moved along trail to edge of woodline, point man spotted 6-8 NVA moving around a fortified position.

At that time, patrol called in artillery mission and pulled back from the area. They recalled a precision fire mission. Observed one 155mm artillery round land on a bunker with 3 NVA inside. Immediately after bunker was hit, A-3 received 10 incoming mortar rounds, resulting in 4 WIA. They could not spot mortar position. 3 minutes after incoming mortars, received 500 rounds of auto and semi-auto fire from 758460, resulting in 1 KIA and 2 WIAs. At same time, received 1000 rounds machine gun fire from 4 different positions, resulting in 1 KIA and 1 WIA.

Estimate 250 rounds from each position located at 750465. Returned heavy small arms fire and M-79 fire into area where fire was received from, resulting in 10 NVA KIA (Confirmed). Received more incoming from vicinity of 758460 resulting in 1 WIA. Friendly artillery stopped incoming from direction of 758460 resulting in 15 confirmed NVA KIA. Continued to receive machine gun fire from 750465 direction. Definite lull in incoming for approximately 5 to 8 minutes.

Med-evac started to come in, received 200 small arms rounds and could not land. Air strikes continued in area. Med-evac finally able to pick up 4 WIA. A-3 commenced withdrawal as directed. Fixed wing continued to strike area and receive automatic weapons fire. A-1 (1st Platoon) moved in support of A-3, while A-3 continued to withdraw. Med-evac picked up remaining WIA's and KIA's. 3rd Platoon estimated enemy force to be an NVA Company (Reinforced). The enemy lost 25 KIA and 27 WIA (estimated). The platoon lost two men killed, and 8 wounded, with 5 being evacuated. Those two men killed were:

3rd Platoon, Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 26th Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division:

Photo below shows Hendershott (Left) and Hurd (Right) with unknown Marine in center


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