John Andrew Jakovac

Staff Sergeant
Army of the United States
10 April 1947 - 14 February 1978
Detroit, Michigan
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Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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3 May 2002

While I never knew S/SGT John Jakovac personally, I have worn his MIA bracelet. As a teenager in the 60's, I am very much aware of the bravery that our men displayed in fighting this war. My heart cries out for every single soul lost in the battle for freedom.

I salute you, John Jakovac, and every single soldier in the military. The loss your family and friends have endured is beyond words. You are in my heart, my friend.

23 Apr 2003

I am remembering John Jakovac and all other MIA's who gave their lives so I can live free. Peace be the journey.

31 May 2003

I am honoring John Jakovac today on this, the 36th anniversary of his MIA. You are in my thoughts and prayers and will never be forgotten. You gave your life for our country and I salute you. Peace be your journey.

11 Nov 2003

I am honoring you SSGT John Jakovac on this Veteran's Day. Your personal sacrifice allows me to live free in a great country. I miss your soul and your spirit. Peace be the journey.

9 May 2004

I am honoring John Jakovac today and always. Your dedication to duty and bravery keeps you alive in my memory. My MIA bracelet is dull and faded but the thought of you is alive and bright my friend. Peace be your journey.

30 May 2004

I honor you today SSG John Jakovac. Your sacrifice makes our country live free today. You are kept alive in my thoughts and prayers. I salute you on Memorial Day. Peace be your journey my friend.

10 Nov 2004

I honor you today John. Through your memory, I have met some wonderful people who knew and loved you. I will never forget your sacrifice and I salute you today on Veteran's Day. Peace be your journey, my friend.

28 May 2005

I honor you, John Jakovac, on this Memorial Day. My heart is still heavy with your loss and there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you and your bravery and duty to country. I salute you, John Jakovac. Peace be your journey, my friend.

12 Nov 2005

I honor and salute you this Veterans' Day for making our country the land of the free and the home of the brave. Thank you, John Jakovac. Peace be your journey, my friend.

28 May 2006

This Memorial Day brings my thoughts to you, John, and the ultimate sacrifice you made for our country. Peace be your journey, my friend.

10 Nov 2006

My thoughts turn to you on this Veteran's Day and the great sacrifice you made for our country, John. I salute you, my friend. Your bravery makes this country what it is: a place for the free and the home of the brave.

Linda Rimmer Rodriguez

14 Feb 2007

Remembering you this Valentine's Day John. Your sacrifice is a continual reminder of the freedom we enjoy in this country. Peace be your journey my friend.

Linda Rimmer Rodriguez

26 Aug 2007

Thinking of you today, John, and I'm grateful for the sacrifice you made for our country. Peace be your journey my friend.


Linda Rimmer Rodriguez
Fort Lauderdale, Fl
13 May 2003

For over 30 years I have had the MIA bracelet bearing the name of S/SGT JOHN JAKOVAC, and in that time have felt an emotional attachment.

John, I am sorry that I never got the chance to meet you, but I am honored to have worn your name on my wrist. You will forever be in my heart. God bless you and every soldier before and after you for serving our great country so that we may be free.

Sheryl Mears

15 Jul 2003

I trained with John Jakovac in April and May 1967. He was a great friend, a very good infantry Long Range Recon Patrolman, and a great instructor. I did not make it into the LRRP that time, but returned later, and found out about John's lost patrol. I will always remember his zest for life, he enjoyed the job of infantry intelligence surveillance, that's what LRRPs do.

Thanks, David Reinhardt

9 Sep 2004

Cleaning up, I found my bracelet with Sgt Jakovac's name imprinted on it. I am proud of him for serving our country and honored to have worn his name on my wrist. God bless him, his family and all the soldiers who have made us proud of our country. He is in my prayers.

Lisa Pieper
Shawnee, Kansas 66216

17 Feb 2005

I received a bracelet when I was a young girl and proudly wore the name S/Sgt John Jakovac. Over the years I've wondered what happened to him and found a place to check his name. April 3, 1991, I received a letter to my response that listed 2,278 Americans still missing. S/Sgt John Jakovac was one of the 2,278.

Today, I pulled out that letter and found this site and now I know that he has been found and returned home. I prayed for him then and throughout the years. Thank you, S/Sgt John Jakovac, for giving so much for our country. I am so very thankful and proud of you. Thank you to your family for raising an honorable young man.

Donna Hafer

21 Apr 2005

When I was young I wore the MIA bracelet for John Jakovac. Recently I was in Washington, D.C. and I visited the Vietnam Memorial. The tour group left before I could find his name. I appreciate this web site as I now know that John finally came home. God Bless him and the other brave soldiers of that war and our current war. Thank you for protecting America.

Robin Adkins

Notes from The Virtual Wall

In early 1967, elements from the 25th Infantry Division's 3rd Brigade, the 101st Airborne Division's 1st Brigade, and the 196th Infantry Brigade were used to form a division-sized force to bolster operations in the I Corps area in northern South Vietnam. Called TASK FORCE OREGON, this force dissolved when the 23rd Infantry (AMERICAL) Division was formed in September 1967.

Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC), 3rd Brigade, 25th Infantry, included a Long Range Recon Patrol force, trained for small unit reconnaissance and operations within enemy-held territory, usually operating in teams of 5 to 7 men.

On 31 May 1967, a five-man team was inserted at the base of Hill 310 in Quang Ngai Province. After reconnoitering the base of the hill they were to move to the peak in order to establish an observation post. At 2030 (8:30 PM) the patrol reported by radio that they were moving to the top of Hill 310. They failed to make a scheduled report at 2145 (9:45 PM).

Additional forces were inserted on the morning of 01 June to locate the missing patrol. During the search, evidence of an ambush was found, and the bodies of two Americans were found in freshly-dug graves. Although the search effort continued for almost two weeks, no further evidence of the three missing men was found.

The patrol consisted of

  • SGT John A. Jakovac, missing in action
  • CPL Charles G. Rogerson, killed in action/body recovered
  • SP4 Carl D. Flower, killed in action/body recovered
  • PFC Brian K. McGar, missing in action
  • PFC Joseph E. Fitzgerald, missing in action
As time passed, the Secretary of the Army approved Presumptive Findings of Death for the three missing men - Fitzgerald on 08 July 1975, McGar on 13 July 1976, and Jakovac on 14 Feb 1978.

On 07 February 1994, the Vietnamese government turned over six sets of remains. Three sets were identified within 18 months - those of

  • Major John C. Egger, USAF, lost 3 November 1967 (08/15/94);
  • Major Richard D. Smith, USAF, lost 11 March 1965 (09/06/94); and
  • Warrant Officer Richard A. Knutson, US Army, lost 08 January 1973 (10/27/1995).
On 06 February 1997, the identification of the other three remains was announced ... Jakovac, McGar, and Fitzgerald had come home.

The 25th Infantry's 3rd Brigade was returned after the Americal Division was established, and its LRRP element was absorbed into the Ranger Companies that were formed, first as F Company, 50th Infantry, and subsequently as F Company, 75th Infantry. The five men of Team 3A lost on 31 May 1967 are remembered on the LRRP site .

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
one who wears his MIA bracelet,
Linda Rimmer Rodriguez
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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