David Leverett Leet

United States Marine Corps
21 December 1946 - 13 April 1975
Kenosha, Wisconsin
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Naval Aviator

Purple Heart, Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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04 June 2001

I wore a POW/MIA Bracelet with the name of Capt. David Leet, 4-13-72 until the war ended. I was too young to have friends in the war, but I was worried about my older brother or his friends being drafted. Having that bracelet really personalized things for me and I remember being so glad when the POW's were released, and so sad for the families whose loved ones never came home.

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01 Sep 2001

I, too, wore the bracelet of Captain David Leet and visited the Traveling Wall in Wildwood, NJ, this past week.

I never knew you but will always be grateful. Your bracelet is a reminder to me of sorrow I pray my children will never see. I am so sorry.

My prayers are with you, Captain David Leet.

A Mother of a Son
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12 Feb 2007

I was a neighbor of David's in Havelock, NC, when he left for his tour in Vietnam.

Although I was a pilot with two tours in Vietnam myself, I was not in his squadron. My next door neighbor, Bill Steinberg, was an RF-4 pilot in VMCJ-2 with David. Both were from Wisconsin and Bill introduced me to him.

It was a sad day when Bill came over to my house and let my wife and me know that David was missing in action. That was all the information he had at the time. Until they finally broke apart, I wore a bracelet with a squadron member's name on it and my wife wore one with David's name on it.

Recently, my son talked me into going back to Vietnam (we're going this February) to visit the areas I was in during that time. I decided to do some research, but one of the areas I couldn't find anything about was what happened to David and John's flight. Somehow I came upon the link on John when I was searching for information on EA-6A losses in Vietnam and that led me to The Virtual Wall and the information on both David and John.

I guess we'll never know the exact cause, but at least I was able to find something. It helped me rekindle all the fond memories I had of David and his family. Thanks.

Joseph Nesmith

Notes from The Virtual Wall

The EA-6A was an electronic warfare variant of the basic A-6A INTRUDER all-weather attack aircraft. Developed solely for use by the Marines, the EA-6A was introduced into combat at Da Nang RVN in November 1966. The aircraft provided ECM support for all service branches, primarily in North Vietnam and Laos. The EA-6As were withdrawn in 1971, but returned when LINEBACKER operations were instituted following North Vietnam's Spring '72 offensive.

On 13 April 1972, Captain David L. Leet, pilot, and Captain John M. ("Chuck") Christensen, electronic warfare officer, departed Da Nang Airbase in an EA-6A (BuNo 156979) on a night combat mission deep in North Vietnam. Their target area included the extremely well defended area of Hanoi/Haiphong Harbor. After completing their mission, the Intruder was on its return flight to base. CAPT Leet established their last radio contact at 0412 hours. At that time there was no indication of trouble with the aircraft and they were approximately 100 miles offshore North Vietnam, 165 miles south-southwest of Haiphong, 92 miles northeast of Dong Hoi, North Vietnam; and 175 miles north-northwest of DaNang.

When the INTRUDER failed to return to base, a full scale search and rescue (SAR) operation was initiated. During the extensive aerial search, no trace of the aircraft or its crew was found. Both David L. Leet and John M. ("Chuck") Christensen were listed Missing in Action.

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