Faces of Freedom

Main photo index of those who died in the Vietnam War.

Photos of Vietnam War casualties
Clicking a photo on these indexes will display that person's complete memorial page. Please also visit the thousands of personal memorials on The Virtual Wall which do not yet have photos but may have poems, letters, and stories. All memorial pages can be found from the Last Name index, the State and City index, and the Wall Panel index pages.

These photos were sent to us by friends and relatives of the fallen. Click here to read about sending photos to us.

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J. G. Barrera

R. W. Bates

E. D. Bell

J. E. Berry

D. L. Bird

R. W. Brunson

H. C. Casebolt

W. H. Causey

L. M. Cavallin

J. H. Cavicchi

A. J. Cerene

J. A. Cestaric

G. H. Chace

J. L. Chambers

S. D. Chambers

S. P. Chambers

C. W. Chandler

D. M. Chaney

P. Chan

A. A. Chapdelaine

P. H. Chapman

R. L. Chapman

J. E. Conger

S. E. Conley

J. R. Daniels

G. R. Darnell

J. W. Floyd

P. Hawkins

D. F. Lynch

D. R. Marlow

H. H. Morgan

C. Moses

W. R. Porter

T. E. Smith

R. K. Staneart

P. T. Whittington

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